The random thread of fluffiness


War Hero
You complete bunch of botters.
Where have you been? Adrift for months and then back with not so much as a by your leave. Polishing the hinds or practicing your equine mounting? Come on, we need to know.


Lantern Swinger
When we first got this little bundle of joy I thought i'd die of embarrasment when taking her for a walks - turns out she's a bit of a totty magnet!


War Hero
There's one of them lives here.
It barks eats and shits, and is sneakier than an apache.
And it's name is so embarrassing I would never call it in the street.


War Hero
Me, trying to get in the house after a "quiet night out". Unfortunately the Security cameras
went off and I was in the Dog-House - so to speak. (And I took my fu**ing shoes off!!)


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