The raid on St Nazaire

Discussion in 'History' started by Rigsby, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. just watched this documentary (not for the first time) hosted by Jeremy Paxman

    what a hoofin display of 'spirit' (both Commando and Naval)

    still drying my eyes (yet again)

    some key words that i noted down (sad bastard that i am); mental fortitide, over coming inner fear, confidence, and the quote from Mark Twain - Recognising fear and overcoming fear.

  2. Jeremy Paxman? The one tonight was Clarkson :lol:

    Still brilliant documentry.
  3. Cheers Tommo

    had a few drinks and obviously my vision is blurred when trying to locate teh keyboard keys - ahem!
  4. Yeah I had some grit in my eyes at the end of that aswell. Absolutely hoofing display of bravery by all Commando and R.N ranks
  5. As I had already posted elsewhere:

    <<……both of my parents knew & worked with AB William (Bill) Savage; who was awarded a postumous VC at the St. Nazaire raid, being an HO gunner on one of the small support vessels.

    The original Mitchells and Butlers Cape Hill brewery site (at Smethwick, Staffs) where they all worked together has since been developed for housing.

    At a recent 'memory' lane visit I was quite please to see that they had retained both the WWI and WWII memorials to the fallen brewery staff and even more pleased to see that one of the new wee streets was named for William Savage VC, too.

    (M & B Beer in the Blood as several generations worked for that brewery)

    RIP AB Bill Savage VC (and all the rest of ‘em). My childhood hero and an inspiration for my 33 years-worth, too......>>

    Meanwhile, more here:
  6. The little memorial stone in the car park in Falmouth has now been moved to the Prince of Wales Pier and now has a more fitting memorial area. It's very good and worth checking out when down that way.
  7. An awe inspiring action indeed.
  8. Followed by a documentary on Operation Mincemeat. Another excellent piece of broadcasting. And so terribly poignant.

    RIP Glyndwr Michael who served as Major William Martin RM.
  9. A cracking action which so aptly describes the actions of those brave souls.
    Unusual for the R.N to be Four Minutes late at the Dockside.
    I am quite close to Falmouth and will try to get a picture of the monument to post.
  10. Main show here as well...

    'Despite being shot 16 times he carried on firing at the enemy' 8O

    Recommended by the Germans for a VC.

    Incidentally, did anyone know that the bell from WW2 HMS Campbeltown was given to the town of Campbelltown, Pennsylvania as a thank you for the 'Lend - Lease' program? Later loaned back to the latest Campbelltown.

    The next show was as good....

    Amazing lengths they went to deceive.
    Impressed with the old girl who worked for the MI5 that still wouldn't reveal her task all these years later.
  11. And how posh did they speak? Made me feel quite chavvish!
  12. On of those little wooden patrol boats was being given away recently. It had been used as a pleasure boat in Norfolk and had finally given up the ghost. It was in a right old state and was being offered free to anyone who would take it away. It had a shark's mouth painted on the hull and looked pretty cool.

    I can't find the link to it, not sure if it is still up for grabs. It would've made an awesome houseboat for someone.
  13. makes my blood run cold when I think that those MTB's ran on petrol

    Fast but akin to an unexploded bomb....respect to those who took part...

  14. Two excellent documentarys. Anyone remember the film 'The gift horse'? Loosely based on HMS Campbeltowns story.There used to be the hulk of an old MGB on the north bank of the river Bann in NI, on the approaches to Coleraine. Not sure if its still there.
  15. LMM


    Taken after the remembrance service this week.

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