andym said:
I read with huge amusement today about the origins of the was an amalgamation of the RFC and the NAS.And the date of the RAF's birth???

1st of April!!!Now there was someone with a sense of Humour!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

So we can now say that the RAF is just one big Joke without critisism!!! :wink: :wink:

I didn't know that! :lol:


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Jimmy_Green said:
That's probably true as well.

Mind you, I can see a time when the crabs'll get binned totally.
Get the army pilots to do all the troop transport and the logistics side of life and attack helicopters, and any strike aircraft can be flown from carriers. The navy can still fulfill its ASW role and take up the air sea rescue bit as well. No need for crabs and it'll save a shit load of dosh.

Huh, that's a joke! The ASW threat is negligible, and the RN only uses the 'ASW role' ticket to justify it's existence. There's not enough justification to scrap the flight wing of the the Armed Forces; if we got rid of the RAF who would we sling sh!t at then?! 8O :cry:


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I think that the RAF have got it spot on. After all theyre the only ones that send their officers (mainly) to the fighting.

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