The RAF Cant even get us home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by turboshandy, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Hello there,
    I am currently serving in iraq with a Naval Helicopter Unit, we are coming to the end of our second tour this year and we have just had the great news that after 12 weeks in theater the Raf, propose to fly us to Teeside Airport instead of Brize Norton. So not only do we have atleast 15 hours travelling before getting to the uk, we also have a good 8 hours in a pussers bus just to get back to base. Thanks Again RAF.
  2. If the DTMA has tasked the Air Force for that movement, then, the Air Force have not been very bright. If DTMA have chartered a commercial move, though, the drip should really be aimed at the Wundermenschen von Andover.
  3. never mind, atleast you are coming home for Xmas
  4. Only three months in theatre? A short shift then. Definitely a WAFU. :D

    Seriously though - 15 hours isn't bad. Took me 3.5 days the first time I traveled home on crab air. Lovely chaps - really.

    Think I even had a rant on here about it.

  5. Rest assured that you are highly thought-of in theatre. RAF medics who are colleagues of mine have worked with the NASs on casualty evacuation work and love working with RN crews.
  6. THREE months THIS TIME maybe but i`ll bet the person has been there numerous times in the last two years. you will find that most CHF WAFU`s (as you term) will have achieved and surpassed their 660/3 spent in SH**holes like this place ontop of the time spent in norway/ocean/albion/bulwark/the new bay class RFAs and others. i wonder how many gillnecks have achieved the same, sat in their mess squares, drinking in airconditioned areas after a nice warm shower. i know we all had the choice but some dont have a choice on their fontlines, also i do wonder how many none WAFUs spend their shoretime/2nd line spent away from homebase in iraq/norway/on board none of which get noticed by the none WAFU types or commented on
  7. Was a reply ever published to that letter to Akrotiri .

    I bet it made some interesting reading!! :lol: :lol:

    Flew back from the US and Singapore with crab air and found it quite
    pleasant ----------------mind you that was when we had a real Navy and Air force.
  8. Whilst I sympathize with your plight, this time it is not the fault of the RAF. The destination of the air transport movements (service or charter) is decided by DTMA (A tri-service organization) based on the needs of the largest contigents being rotated. Unfortuately it sounds like you have been booked onto an aircraft which intended for roulement of troops based in the North (maybe Catterick?). There are still charter flight going to Brize during the RIP. Your unit should book seats on a different flight.

    I know it often seems chaotic, but the AT plot is very careful planned. A solution which meets everyone's needs cannot be achieved, but the planners really do strive for the most efficient use of the limited assets and budget. The plot can (and often does) then go wrong due to a variety of reasons eg technical failures, weather problems or, lets be honest, human error. The system is working at capacity so any problems can snowball into widespread delays. However, I can assure you that every movement which goes wrong is scrutinized at quite high level. I think the movers are often guilty of displaying rotten customer service skills but please be assured that you are not being deliberately screwed around.
  9. Jungle_jim - I know the Woo's do multiple three month deployments. I was just having a laugh - nothing personal mate. :wink:

  10. Don't worry about it mate. As long as you get back. Mind you, one of our Chiefs did that trip and the Crabs lost his baggage. And to add insult to injury, after they lost all his baggage, they offered him a £100 to replace it. I'd liove to know where they shop that they can get a set of civvy's, a set of training rig, a psp, a camera and a dhobi kit for a hundred dabs. Of cousre all his cams and the lap top were written off.
    The only way to fly with the light blue is in Fat Albert. At least you carry your own kit on.
  11. CT's qualified in Arabic do their fair share mate, trust me!
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Didn't realise this was a pi**ing contest can we all join in? :lol:
  13. Teeside airport used to be a WW2 RAF station perhaps the powers that be forgot the war was over!!
  14. I was at Teesside last week - maybe the 7500ft rwy is prefered by the lightblu as opposed to the 6000ft at VL. Enjoy Xmas leave!
  15. When last at Teesside airport would you believe I found I had left my tape measure at home. How forgetful!

  16. Fcuk it ChiefTiff, fill yer boots :wink:
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Bo**ocks, you called my bluff :roll:
  18. Far too much whining here, if you can't hack it put your chit in.
  19. **** off if you don`t complain it will remain shit, you don`t have too make it hard because you can, Cyprus based crabs treat it as a holiday, they should realise they have a job to do. I have never had a problem on a hercy bird trip but Tri star trips seem to be run for the benefit of the ******* aircrew.
    On my way back from FRY in the 90`s had the same scenario as the MP but they put it down in aviano in N Italy, said they have been flying to much, fucked off into pre booked accom *******. Fortunately a Group Captain was on the flight and although the aircrew had gone, when the movement SNCO and Flt Lt turn up to usher him away to VIP accom, He said I will be the last man to leave this departure lounge so crack on to the Flt Lt and true to his word he and the 3 matelots were the last to be accommodated.
    To add the icing to the cake he made the Aircraft captain publicly apologize to the passengers the next morning

    TOP Bloke.

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