The R.R. Good Pub Guide 2010

I recommend this bespoke public house(family owned, ahem!!!!!) set in rural Hamsphire, town of Fawley. Lots to do and see. One of the owners is an ex bootie, unfortunately no services discount (unless you're a plastic matelot).

I also recomend this fine establishment in Glasgow, scene of Jimpys finest fisticuffs on duty.

The clientele dont care who who are as long as you can sing to some proper tunes, suggest wearing any form of green and white on arrival.
see you there, you'll know me.....I'm the one with the checkered band on my hat......and a discrete white ensign (nudge nudge)
Church House Inn on the Buxton Road Congleton Cheshire. Brilliant Country Pub and perfect stop after/during a day out in the Peak District. Great scran, beer and service! Say hallo to Barb & Graham for me .....

Bob's Bar Durrow Kilkenny

Ice cold Guinness one pint in the line at a time through his cooler.

Must have downed many a pint over here and I can say this is the best. If you get a coach up I will meet you there.


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