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I've been all over NZ, including the South Island, although i didn't go to Dunedin. The food there was smashing i have to say. The best bit was diving for crayfish and taking them to my cousins for him to whack on the barbie. Love the place.

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Some seasonal recipes of my own:

Chicken and ham pie.

You will need:

3 chicken breasts chopped into inch size pieces.
4 chicken legs, meat stripped from the bone.
1 large chunk of roast ham chopped into small cubes.
Some mushrooms.
1 tin of chicken soup.
Puff pastry.


Fry the chicken in the butter until no pink bits are visible.
Add the ham, mushrooms, cream and soup.
Simmer on a low heat until the mixture is thick and gooey (about 45 mins to an hour).
Place in a pie dish, roll out the pastry and bake until the pastry rises.

Serve with chunky chips and baked beans.

Cheesy Mash.

You will need:
Potatoes peeled and halved
Grated cheddar and/or stilton
Wholegrain mustard


Boil the spuds, you can tell they are done by stabbing them with a fork and lifting them out of the water, if the spud slides nicely off the fork they are ready.
Drain the water, add a chunk of butter and some milk, mash it all up adding more milk as required to get the correct consistency.
Add the cheese and a spoonful of the mustard (this not only adds a hint of flavour but looks very nice too)
Mash some more.

Serve with sausages and gravy or pie etc.

Steak and Guinness pie.

You will need:

As much steak as you can get, I usually use about a kilo but I really like beef!
Beef stock or Marmite.
Two cans of Guinness or preffered ale.
2 or 3 Bay Leaves
Black pepper
Puff pastry (pre-made is fine, I use JusRol)


Chop the steak removing all the fat and gristle then fry it in the butter until browned.
Add the veg, bay leaves and stock (or Marmite) and one of the cans of Guinness.
Simmer on a low heat until the Guinness turns all thick and gooey then add the second can and repeat, this may take a couple of hours.
Season to taste with the pepper and remove the bay leaves, then place the mixture in a pie dish and roll out the pastry on top.
You can now freeze this and bake it whenever suits.
Just defrost it and place it in the oven until the pastry rises, alternatively just cook it straight away.

Serve with peas, chunky chips or cheesy mash (see above).

Smoked ham and pea soup.

You will need:

One large piece of Black Forest Ham or similar (available from Lidl or Aldi for about 4 quid.)
A bag of carrots
Some celery
Two bags of frozen peas
Vegetable stock
Black pepper


Chop up the carrots and celery into small pieces and simmer in the stock with some butter for about 20 mins, add the peas and simmer for a further 10 mins. Blend the whole mixture using either a hand blender or for chunkier soup use a potato masher. Add the cubed ham and simmer for a further 15 mins. Add pepper to taste, salt is not required as the ham is quite salty anyway.

Serve with crusty bread and butter.
wet_blobby said:
If your ever in New Zealand's south island this little gem is a must for all seafood lovers.

There's also a Tavern in Moeraki and the scran there is pretty good too.
Not sure if it is still open. The Happy Kea[the parrot] at Fox Glacier township similar to a working mens diner food top rate and reasonably priced unlike the posh places up the road.

For those with time on their hands

Singapore Soup

Very tasty and none fattening

900ml vegetable stock, made from two stock cubes
1tsp Chinese five spice powder or paste
1 leek washed and finely chopped
1 red onion, finely sliced
1 small red pepper, deseeded and finely sliced
120g Savoy cabbage finely shredded
120g mushrooms sliced
2tsps fresh coriander
1tbsp light soy sauce
2tsp sesame seeds
Salt and pepper[If using salt I would use sea salt myself I never use salt]

Put the stock, five spice powder, leek and onion into a pan and bring to the boil. Cover and reduce the heat, simmer for ten fifteen minutes. Add the red pepper , cabbage mushrooms and coriander. Cook for a further three minutes. Then season with soy sauce salt and pepper. Ladle into warm bowls sprinkle with sesame seeds and garnish with sprigs of coriander.
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