the quickest way to be a junglie?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by peter84, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. hi guy's, im pete, im 23 and just applied as a aet. i have my medical and interview on thurs 17 april. my target is to be a observer/rear gunner on sea king mk4 junglie and then doing my commando course. but as it is a officer rating what is my best/ fastest route to get to my target. im looking for information on how to get into the junglies and would i be able to do my rear gunner course as a additional qualification?

    thankyou :thumright:
  2. Welcome to RR fella,

    Stand-by for incoming abuse from a few members I expect!

    Rear-gunner !! Pfnaar- pfnaar !!!!

  3. Surely this is a fcuking wah!!??

    If you're serious though, you need to do some time in a trade, and then apply to be an air crewman. This means doing FATs at Cranwell. Once done, you will then be trained up and streamed onto type. You may still want to be a Junglie 'rear-gunner', or you may want a different type ie. search and rescue. There's some bloody good banter on the SAR squadrons. Junglies don't have observers. Anyhow, observer is a commissioned trade, and with spelling like that you definitely ain't going to be an officer.

    Not sure if you can go straight in as a crewman?
  4. Pete

    Hi, Your best way to become an aircrewman is to join as an AET and then after a few years branch change to Aircrewman. You will thne go down the Aptitude tests get streamed then do your crewmans' training. If you wanted to go Pilot or Observer you would need to either join as an officer or get your papers raised once you are in the mob. The rest of the training you can find out about in the brochures or the AFCO.
  5. hi,
    i cant join as a officer as i dont have the required quall''s, but what your sayin is that it is possible for me to stream across as a rear gunner in the junglies after i finish my aet training. do you think this is a good move for a career. what im after is to work with the marines in afgan and iraq on the sea kings and do my all arms. my careers officer is a marine and he said im likely to get that career path because very few people want it.

    thankyou, looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Your careers officer is talking hoop. the junglie crewman are doing quite well for guys as opposed to the merlin force who are crying out for people. there may well be an opening for direct entry soon but you would have to be mega switched on, its not just shooting out the side of the aircraft.

    As for a door gunner job, consider the Army Air Corp or you can do it as a marine on the junglie lynx if you are lucky, but that would be a few years down the line.

    If you join as an AET then you will be first and foremost a maintiner/ engineer.
  7. Please stop calling it rear gunner. The only Rear gunners we have are Lynx Door gunners. Rear gunners left with whichever crab plane last had a gunner in the arse end.

    If you want to do Nav/gunning/playing with booties then join as an AET keep your head down and apply for a branch change once you have a few years under your belt. You will be more than welcome into the jungly world. Once you're in you can change to oficer because the requirements for upper yardman is lower than applying from outside. Any Q's your AFCO who seems quite switched on is your man.

    We are currently desperate for crewman in the jungly world despite what others may say.
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Or join as a Marine and go Aircrewman.
  9. Why don't you join the marines get whatever SQ you want then apply for Bootneck aircrew. Do the apptitude get through that then crack on. If you want to be a tyre kicker on the junglie circuit fine do your AET training do you contiuation training then join one of the front line squadrons. As a AET on 845/846/847 you will never get to fire any weapon out on aircraft. as an AET. If you go smallship flights you may get a chance to become a whinch weight or possible get to shoot a 50 cal if you can get the observer of it !!!!!
  10. I`ve got a granny who was a rear gunner on a milkfloat,had a chit "excused the wearing of steaming bats". I`ll ask her :dwarf:
  11. My granny was in the MauMau and I believe she used to piss up with your granny in the new Florida club Mombassa. Normal routine was to fight each other during daylight hours and then go on the pull together at night and on weekends off. :thumright:
  12. i taken my interview and all was good but i got sent to see a cardio specialist about a slight heart murmer he picked up on. i think im gonna do my aet course for 2-3 yrs and then go for aircrewman asap. all being that my murmer is not that bad.
  13. Peter,

    Please do yourself a favour when you do join up and become a Junglie "don't keep telling everbody how you are going to be aircrew oneday, just get on with it quietly".
    Being too vocal will get you a name, "and we are are not talking Rambo here either".

    Good Luck.
  14. JFH

    your completly wrong

    he needs to buy an aircrew strap watch - even better a Breitling aircrew watch

    hang around the aircrew all day

    carry out the pilots bags to the aircraft

    etc etc

    he'll get onjust fine with th enoisemakers and this will surelybe reflected in his write-ups
  15. Could quite possibly an inaccurate statement in the near future............

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