The Queen , God Bless Her

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. It appears the Queen is breaking a few records so let's hope this continues

    Queen reaches oldest monarch mark

    The Queen will spend the day on her regular royal duties
    The Queen will reach a new milestone when she overtakes Queen Victoria to become the oldest British monarch
  2. ... and continues on with quiet dignity. Fantastic! If only those who have an influence on the more direct running of what's left of our country could take a leaf out of her book...
  3. God bless her
  4. Slice the Main Brace.

    Three cheers for HM, Hip, Hip Hip Hoooooooooray,
    HIp, Hip Hip Hoooooooooray,
    HIp, Hip Hip Hoooooooooray
  5. Mines a WKD please.
  6. and a chardonnay for me !!

    Congrats Ma'am xx
  7. Just won a bottle of Woods 57% proof, that any good ladies?

    Last time I issued Splice T M B we were guard ship at Cowes week and our efforts were appreciated in the traditional way.
  8. :thumright:

    Well Done Your Maj

    A pity that some in this government, and the parties, cannot learn from your example ..!!

  9. bit strong for me babe- shall stick to girly wine!!
  10. Well done Liz :thumright:
    Now break another record in 8 years time :dwarf: :money: :thumright: :wav: :hello1: :hello2: :salut:
  11. Does this record breaking include not paying the full amount of taxes that your or I are subject to?
  12. Are any other rulers of any other countries subjected to the same taxes laws etc they have in their countries I seriously doubt it.

    This isn't about whether she pays enough taxes or not. It's about mark of respect
  13. Certainly does. Both she and Queen Victoria paid little or no tax.
    We pay, but through the enth degree of chicanery, they are excused.
    I'm proud of the Queen. She can do no wrong in my eyes but when it comes to the tricks employed to avoid paying taxes--I'm disappointed. Not her fault but those overpaid advisors. Let's hope Alan West isn't one
  14. BZ Maam.

    With a bit of luck she'll outlive her offspring!
  15. I do not give a fishes tit about what they do in other countries as for respect I for one have none for that lot.

    To trot out the old saying, 'respect has to be earned'.
  16. She earnt my respect when she stayed during WW2 and did her part for the Army instead of buggering off to Canada like the government wanted the Royals to do during the blitz periods.

    You dont' give a give a tits what other countries do then why should it bother you what our monach does no different to any other country. Even if we got rid of the monachy and had president like other country they'd still not pay the same amount of taxes.

    This thread ain't about taxes why ruin it why not start your own thread like Norman does and drip about the queen not paying taxes instead of ruining some body elses?
  17. Ruining the thread you say, it's a free forum and I am entitled just as you are to my opinion, if those views do not fall in with the sycophantic views of some then it's just too bad.

    I would also like to add that if there was a thread concerning Gordon Brown the usual suspects would be on it like rats up a drainpipe to give him their usual clubbing and they would not be as polite as I have been.
  18. Hmmm lets see, lets offset that with all of the Tourist monies she and her family have brought to the British Isles over the last 50+ yrs and I would say you have received good value for monies spent..notwithstanding all of the charitable organisations that benefit from HRH largess.. :thumright:

    Congrats to HRH...may she end up with the same respect her Mother received.... :hockey:

  19. It really vexes me when I am forced to agree with people from Scotlandshire. So just for you MacFinknottle; a superb article from Fortune magazine that I am sure you will enjoy :thumright:

    When Betty goes I shudder to think who is left to inherit the business.

    So - God Bless You Ma'am, may you reign for many years to come and may you live to a ripe old age in majesty and in good health - but may there be no more to follow you.

  20. A superb article indeed Bergen tells it just as it is. As for the bit about agreeing with a Scot, never mind as it is the season of good will to all men. =)

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