The Queen , God Bless Her

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. The recent spotlight on Her Majesty is yet another example of a social cancer eating the heart out of UK . More friendly fire from you know where ? Yes , after an exemplary and illustrious reign of what over fifty years this great woman deserves better . Despite her apparent good health and ability I believe Queen Elizabeth has earned a rest to spend more time with her beloved corgis and horses . The alternatives to her position , of course , are a problem but I believe the PoW , given the opportunity , will be all right . TQGBH
  2. hobbit - you scared me. i thought something had happened to her like she had died or something.
  3. Hello Jarhead , I understand there are many more things for you to be scared or concerned about on your own doorstep without the welfare of Her Maj . BTW let me say this , I have long admired the respect America has for its flag and country and armed services , a national trait sadly lacking in many countries . Well done Uncle Sam .


    OK JH you probably are not aware of the term TQGBH . It is on all the tubs / barrels used when issuing rum in the RN no longer issued of course . The term was also traditionally used when ' passing around ' the rum left over after every man had received his ' tot '. As each man had a sip he said ,' the Queen God Bless Her ' . The left over rum was known as ' the Queens ' .
  4. We can never be a modern democracy as long as the Windsor anachronism survives the sooner the monarchy is relegated to the history books and replaced with an elected head of state the better. To quote The former Labour MP Willie Hamilton who called them ‘Gold-plated scroungers’ these people have no idea how the ordinary UK Citizen lives and how could they looking down on us from their ivory tower?
  5. I would have liked to have seen her Maj, get up out of her chair, and twat the yank photographer one, now THAT would make good Television.
  6. There was me a thinking it was a post about Elton John!! Damn I was looking forward to some more hilarious crap on that dipstick!

    HMQ stepping down who would take her place?? Surely not PoW! Being the head of the Church of England the good book tells us "THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY" so how can an adulterer be the head of the church be nice to see the uproar if he does.
  7. PoW has an escape - he converts to Islam! Then Camilla has to wear the Burkha and everyone wins! :thumright:
  8. finknottle - HM The Queen and the monarchy in general has been around a lot longer than you have, so if you don't like the way the country has been run for hundreds of years then perhaps you are living in the wrong country.

    I suspect The Queen has more of an idea about "ordinary" people than the current Government has.
  9. Maybe you are correct; it could well be time to sail off into the wild blue yonder never to return when I have to put up with the sycophantic cap-doffing minority element that corrupts our society.
  10. The Queen/King is not head of the church, she/he is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The Head of the Church is Jesus Christ. They have paedophiles as priests; why not an adulterer as Supreme Governor?
  11. Err! Yeah! By "The Church" I mean the whole Christian Church, which would include Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, RCs, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Coptic etc etc; all those who claim JC as their head. That's as far as I'm going 'cos if I carry on I'll lose the argument!
  12. I thought from the title that the post was about the rum issue pre Aug 1970, then again very few people serving would have been eligible for the Tot!
  13. Well said I have never served in the armed forces as I suspect the majority of the population have not but I and many thousands of others believe that HM The Queen and the Royal family are one of this countries greatest assets.

    OK some of them have there faults - who has not, I have many - but just think of the life they lead - no privacy not allow to express their political opinion, alway on duty representing the country - let alone all the good work they do.

    Would our brother who so ready would cast hundreds of year of tradition to the wall do away with the many noble buildings that surround our country and do away with all the wonderful pageantry that this country puts on such as Trooping the Colour etc etc No other country in the world can do it.

    Sorry if I rant and rave but this post got on my wick - but being our country and democracy that we are he is entitled to his own opinion.

    Just out of interest is he or did he serve ??

  14. angrydoc wrote:
    finknottle - HM The Queen and the monarchy in general has been around a lot longer than you have, so if you don't like the way the country has been run for hundreds of years then perhaps you are living in the wrong country.

    I suspect The Queen has more of an idea about "ordinary" people than the current Government has.

    I would say it was more misguided.
  15. Get back in yer box Finky! This site is supposed to be for serving and ex serving members of the ROYAL Navy and ROYAL Marines.
    To echo Hobbit = TQGBH.

  16. I served my country not a bunch of Germans. =)
  17. Perhaps also described in more appropriate words as ' lost the plot ' , Chinese Whispers is nevertheless a good presentation of how indeed we all stray from the original topic of a discussion . Given this happens in many forms such as this one on a PC forum . Court is another example where witnesses are frequently guided back to the point or subject . But WGAF, it's harmless if sometimes annoying and something we have to live with , TQGBH

    "Chinese Whispers
    The traditional version of Chinese Whispers is to whisper a sentence to the first person in the class, who whispers it to the next person and so on until the last person repeats the message out loud to the rest of the class.

    Typical of the kind of distortion you can get is the classic where: ‘Send reinforcements, we're going to advance,’ becomes: ‘Send three-and-fourpence, we're going to a dance.’

    Debrief the exercise by asking:
    Where did the message get distorted?

    How can we help the communication process?
    – Big picture
    – Key points
    – Headline
    – A bit at a time
    – Look for meaning and connections "

  18. I fink not [tle] load of bo--locks the present house of Windsor although it has Russian/Greek/German ancestry is 100% British. All born as British subjects .
    Prince Philip has Greek connections but was a serving member of the RN during WW2

    As for socialist ----------no such animal---- as the old song words
    the working class can kiss my arse I 've got the foremans job at last.
    You'll be telling us you were in the mines next

    :nemo: :nemo:
  19. I'll second that and bet she could too . Three cheers for Her Maj ,

  20. What have I missed? Her Maj. and a sceptic phot ... what happened?

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