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Jenny I didnt realise that you had moved Slims thread to Current Affairs, which is why i assume Seadog deleted my post to you.

Again thank you for explaining exactly what was required in CA that is clear and sensible and understood.

With all the other forums The Fleet ,RNR, RM, Social Diamond lils etc perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me exactly what you would like in The Quarterdeck, in the manner that you did for the CA Forum.

Thank you.
The Qtr deck is that of a social forum, however, I would prefer any current affairs/issue to stay within the CA forum but if they are moved here than that has been a judgement call.

I do like a bit of banter but abuse or crude is something I'd like to keep clear on this forum, this will also even out why Lil's is here and why the Qtr deck is.

The same goes for service questions e.g. when some one asks 'how long does it take to go through a course'. If all posts were put into one forum, it would leave others dry.

So basically, gossip, jokes, general natter about what ever, pictures, films, or what ever takes your fancy is what goes. Any social events, like meet ups or 'what you listening to', can go into the social forum.

I have noticed that people are posting CA topics in the Qtr deck to avoid the CA forum, this is something I will act upon as the Qtr deck is not an escape goat.

Sorry I haven't been able to write a clearer answer, I will come back to this but I am just making a quick fly by today.


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Again thank you for explaining exactly what was required in CA that is clear and sensible and understood
Higthepig. The linked post has been a sticky and so always on top on Current Affairs for > nine weeks. I thought it clear enough. Have you taken issue with any of it (I know you have transgressed it), did you even know it was there?

Current Affairs Moderation Policy

I'd add that CA stories that scream out for a good slagging (Darwin Award Candidates etc) belong in the Quarterdeck (within JD's limits) or even Lil's as the won't stay serious for long. Nor should they.

Sorry for clogging your forum with site issues issues Jenny. :oops:
Thank you Jenny for your reply, now people can see exactly what is required in those forums, if these questions had been answered so well as you have done, quite some time ago, none of this argy bargy would have continued, again, thank you.

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