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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by UncleAlbert, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. I have pulled this thread before I wrote it
    it was amusing but highly insulting.
    particularly to serving or ex serving submariners.
    it was a bit insulting to people who want to join…and positively insulting to waffus, the Welsh, banks, the french, all eighteen forum moderators, my mother in law, cats, photographers, ex-pats, the England rugby team, ladyboys, deck apes, some stokers, all civies, splits, bootnecks, Senior rates, Pigs, and anyone who has left or is thinking of leaving the forum…

    I thought it was good …but now it`s gone….

    But at least I remember it how it was and now deeps can`t pull it and leave me floundering in the dark again.

    I hope you all have a good weekend….
  2. I`ve done that a few times UA warms the cockles of your heart does`nt it? They cant delete that one eh? great. :w00t:
  3. What the feck are you pair on about?? Post what you want on here UA as long as you dont slag off the Welsh.
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I've got to say UA that made me chuckle............... a lot

    Have a good weekend :thumright:
  5. UA is it the jolly boys outting to Blackpool for you this weekend? Dont forget your blazer ,you will get half price bingo at the legion.Have a good one .

  6. Insult away old boy! Normally get shite off the Picture editors/football fans/MPs/MSPs etc anyway so another boring old fart having a go won't make a blind bit of difference.

    Have a nice weekend.
  7. Deeps what is the problem with the Welsh?I thought they were just the Irish who couldn't swim!
  8. Don't slag off the Welsh.

    Just feel sorry for them.
  9. The Welsh are very nice,couldnt eat a whole one though.
  10. I find carrots are a lot nicer than the Welsh. Still maybe Son of Deeps will strike this out. Hasn't this thread been withdrawn several times before?
  11. I'm half's the bit I stick a fork into when using it to eat. As I live right next to their nation up here in the sticks (within spear chucking range) I'm more than qualified to pass on judgements and they are all right by me (I would say that wouldn't I).
    On the statute books in the City of Hereford it is still legal to dispatch a Welshman with a bow and arrow from twelve yards if caught within the cathedral close on a Sunday morning. HONEST!
    Welsh..........on a Sunday....near a place of worship.......he must be up to no good, ergo.........
    The only reason the Romans (wonderful race by the way blah blah blah...) pursued them no further than the Marches was because they didn't want any of it. Can't build nice level Roman roads up and down mountains see boyo. We get all our water from the reservoirs in Rayader and what doesn't come out of taps falls out of the clouds which ALWAYS approach from the we get something from them for free, we have to get something back from all the tax paid to them blah blah blah.......
    Their ok..........their also listening....I've got to be carefull
  12. But how do you know? Do they wear special 'T' shirts?
  13. Leave UA alone. He's a national treasure! :cheers:

    On the topic of the Welsh.... Flattened Welsh people with added currents and some caster sugar on top are very tasty with coffee. Welsh cakes I think the English call them. :biggrin:
  14. No...........just big bedsheets...............Druids....that's them, Druids. Always causing trouble and preying at odd times of the day and year.
    Actually the crime in the cathedral close can be commited by a Welshman just for being there after twelve o'clock midnight onwards and the punishment doesn't have to be carried out by an officer of the bow and arrow brigade. Anybody can do the shooty thing..............and you don't have to be a good shot. They aren't allowed to make it difficult. This is the truth by the way and to date exactly NO Welshman has ever been topped this way. HA! A deterent that works.
    The front of the catherdral has fallen down once or twice.......this isn't the fault of the Welsh but the cheapo Italian architect we got in to botch the job many moons ago................
  15. There`s no such thing as a Welshman…..the truth is they are all English..

    History shows that miserable wet windblown inhospitable dump on the western edge of England largely populated by dull, winging, ungrateful, unemployed, shortarrse, badspeakin no hopers, was totally uninhabited until foreign invaders turned up in the east, and drove the folk of Englands green and pleasant land west into the general shitole that is now called Wales.
    These cowardly deserters bred with themselves, a pastime which, even after all these years, they cling to in the manner of some perverse national sport.
    Then they found it was cold in the mountains so they started mining coal….thats why the English are tall and they are short and fat …being miners they evolved sideways to fit in the tunnels underground ……avid sheep fiddlers they used to holler at the top of their voices to drown out the complaints from their animals…

    That`s why they are good singers…
    And the welsh for no is…Baaa…

  16. The Romans (fantastic race by the way......roads, eductin...edukah.....educatiioning....schools....runnng to walk thestreet...etc etc) used sheeps intestines as condoms (yep...they did)! The Welsh.....bless 'em, well they just don't take the wrapper off first! Allegedly! :safe:

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