The Public and Christmas.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Recession, no money?
    We here this constantly year after year.
    OK so people leave things until the last minute and ram all the shops in the last few days up until the event.
    Now as soon as Christmas is done there they are again bargain hunting and buying all the things 10p cheaper than they could afford before hand.
    But what the Fuck is this all about:-

    Every boxing day when I and any other intelligent life form is out partying or at least socialising, there they are.
    Thousands of the fuckers cramming into every B&Q, Home Base and Wicks this side of Nagasaki, and then to cap it all every Garden centre this side of the river Jordan is the same.
    Is it me? Should I be over-set with a burning compulsion to buy do-it-yourself products on boxing day?
    Why don't I feel the pull of shrubs and trees like these people?
    Another phenomena is supermarkets. They are crammed as soon as they reopen. Fuck I'm trying to get the war office to jettison the left over salad bowl, the uneaten unwanted remains of a buffet and plate loads of cake gateau etc, and apparently I should be out buying more. What a strange twat I am.

    Can anyone explain this to me or will it haunt me for the rest of my life like the "one shoe" mystery used to?
    Expectantly Tamworth.
  2. Herd mentality, keeping up with the Khans,Singhs etc. Don't join them, the pubs are open. Well they are where you are, here in France I'm fully stored with wine, beer and booze so I'm going nowhere on Boxing day.

    À bientôt et nos meilleurs voeux, bonne fêtes.
  3. Generally speaking Rummers, most people on this planet are cunts. The opening scenes of trainspotting really does sum it up well. It's as if the average man in the street has been assimilated into some brain dead fucktard and will happily walk round their local shopping precinct 3 feet behind their fat McDonalds eating trollop of a Mrs just for a quiet life. Get a grip. Xmas is shit end of. It should be like a rugby World Cup- every four years.
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  4. Yeah, fucking immigrants eh?
  5. Look Guzz he just wants a white christmas.

    Edited to add, if you had Khans and Singhs in the same room it wouldn't be a quiet Christmas would it?
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  6. Theemples.Gift vouchers.
  7. It's worrying when you realise how stupid the average person is.

    It's terrifying when you remember that half the population is even more stupid than that.
  8. Rummers et al, stand fast Lujon, you need to move to Spain - for several festive orientated reasons!
    Firstly - no Boxing Day, therefore, no sales!
    Christmas here is (mainly) celebrated on 12th night or 5th January. That's when the kids get their pressies. So 'our' sales start 6th Jan.
    Our town (that thinks it is a city, but is not!) down all the lanes of the old town every shop has a small Christmas tree with decorations outside - and they are still there the next morning! And the one after that! Also, they pipe Spanish Christmas carols through a tannoy system during working hours. Very pleasant.
    The last few days has been flat calm at the coast with temperaures of 22/23 during the day. But we are an hour away from the ski slopes!
    And best of all, we are only a couple of hours from Gib, where last week Pusser's Rum was 8 quidish a bottle! Lambs was 4ish and Wood's I think 5ish.

    A Very Merry Christmas to all my readers! :angel8::blob5::wav:

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