The price of fish.

Before joining up - I did a bit of time as a deck-ape on a trawler
working out of Hull. Researching this for a story I wanted to do -
found this site. I know its not Naval History but it deserves a mention.
The use of armed trawlers during WWI/WWII gets a mention.


Lantern Swinger
Try "Deadliest Catch" on either Ch4 or 5, about Crab fishermen on the Barings Sea. Not my idea of a cushy number. They do earn their money.
Went to Grimsby, North Shields & a lot of the Scottish fishing ports, and was treated like royalty on EXMOUTH FPS 1965-66: those boys deserved every penny they earned, and more. Have watched "Deadliest Catch" in the Behring Sea and "Deadliest Catch - Lobstermen" about fishing on the Georges Bank off NE USA/Canada - wouldn't have their job for all the crumpet in Kowloon - or maybe some of it??
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