The portland and other R.N. Spy scandles

Discussion in 'History' started by jesse, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. 8O Calling the old and bold. What are your memories of the Portland Spy ring and the later Lt. Bingham fiasco? :( Did you know any of the accused, or had any dealings with them eg;-when under arrest or at court martial ? I recall at Portland A M.A.A. Harry Houghton and his girlfriend Bunty Gee {I think} were involved and after Lt Bingham was weighed off his wife said she should be tried too. She was obliged and got a hefty slice bird. :!: I will stand corrected on the names but thats how I recall events. 8)
  2. Hope this might help a bit with regards to the Portland Spy Ring.

    Taken from the ENIGMA2000 newsletter
  3. Thanks for that xchiefcook; fascinating stuff.
    I was thirteen at the time and remember the case but not the detail.
  4. 8) Thank you Chief Cook, I remember most of of it but not in such detail, thanks again. :)
  5. Bingham died 25 years after his conviction when his car hit a tree near Stratford-on-Avon, with no other vehicle involved.
    After leaving jail, he ran a hotle in Bornemouth and became vice president of the local Conservative Club, where members were unaware that he had spied for the Russians.
    He later opend an alternative healing centre in Stratford-on-Avon.
    Hs wife must've been the dumbest spy ever - she turned up at the Soviet Embassy on a Saturday morning, offering her secrets, and Ivan was so astonished he said "the Naval Attache won't be back until Monday can you come back then" - and she did !
  6. No probs, I can be a mine of completely useless info sometimes.........
  7. Whilst on the Rothesay in 1972 we had to attend a security briefing/lesson.
    The security bod started telling us about the tricks the russkies use etc.
    There were also a few 'home' movies to watch showing how they trap you into giving secrets away.
    He couldnt understand why we thought all this was highly amusing until the penny dropped!

    Apparently Bingham was a likeable officer by those who had served with him.
  8. xchiefcook, you did exactly the same as i did. You googled Lt Bingham, clicked on the very first article and copy and pasted the whole thing. Mine of info my arse.
  9. There are some who cannot/will not use Google and there are some who can but do not admit it. 8O

    Best include your source next time, xcc, there is always someone lurking & ready catch you out :wink:
  10. 8) The Prison Service used the same films as part of basic training at the Prison Service Training Centre Wakefield. :eek:
  11. i new david bingham quite well. i lived near stratford on avon and was on leave 6 months after working in turkey.
    we met one day in stratford and became very friendly. he said he was on leave and was based at portland
    he seemed pretty affluent and had a lot of friends who were associated with the shakespeare theatre.
    this friendship led to a joining of an exclusive club in stratford on avon called the theatre and press club.
    i remember that we spent many nights there with members of the players ,including peter otoole and dinsdale landen.
    non of us i am sure were aware of his activities.
    i left the area and we lost contact.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry about thread drift but Hayden's solicitor was an ex-Pusser Lt Cdr who went to jail in his turn for impropriety in his professional role & has I think now been struck off.
  13. As I recall Bingham's name was on the honour board at St George's Division at BRNC Dartmouth as having come top of his SD Officers course. So, he must have got something right in his life if not his choice of woman!
  14. Ha Ha you sussed me...although in my defence i do remember it, but used google just to ensure i didnt get owt wrong !!!
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ditto with regard thread drift...

    Yep, David Lancaster was caught-out in a BBC 'sting': Some would say was the victim of entrapment.

    He was the bane of the (then) Regulating Branch as he often managed to discredit their unethical antics, somewhat ironically. If I remember correctly, he was one of the barristers instrumental in getting compensation awarded to pregnant servicewomen who were until then, routinely dismissed.

    I quite liked the bloke and saw him overturn a feeble attempted MoD Plod prosecution rather successfully, five years earlier. The weirdy thing about it was the presiding judge, Andrew Chubb (also an ex-Naval Barrister) died in a mysterious blaze onlya month after the case I saw.

    Possibly, now the "double jeopardy" rule is defunct, it's time to re-open the investigation. Doubtless his widow would welcome "closure" on his peculiar and untimely death. Some would say the reason there was never a prosecution was because the police permitted the scene of the blaze to be bull-dozed before a forensic examination had taken place.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lennie Burt one of the CID officers involved in investigation of the Portland spy ring went onto to high rank (either ACC or DCC) of the Dorset Police and was for a time in charge of the investigation into corruption in the Metropolitan Police "Operation Countryman."
  17. Did he know if Gene Hunt was bent, so I don't have to watch Ashes to Ashes on Friday?
  18. "Old Sparker"! What were you a "Grunter" ?
  19. I'm not sure if he was involved in the overturning of the rule (which flew in the face of a ruling in the late 1970s and should never have been allowed to carry on as long as it did - the MoD only had themselves to blame - although that wasn't my opinion at the time!) but he was certainly heavily involved in representing former Wrens. He had by far the largest casebook of any solicitor.

    I was surprised to see him get into trouble as he seemed a decent guy, though he did use former service contacts to the full.

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