The pope has done it now ??? upset our muslim Friends >>> When are people going to leave these lovely people alone to get on with thier lives ???


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I agree. Leave the poor, friendly, non-violent people alone so that they are able to take over the world without any opposition. ;-)
Who gives a shit if one religious freak upsets other religious freaks. Put the lot against the wall the world would be a better place.



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This article of news has really highlited to me how a policy of appeasing muslims just doesn't work. The pope made a comment, quoting some geezer from hundreds of years ago, and he even made it clear that those views weren't his own. Sounds fair enough to me.

Islamic world gets in an uproar, kicks off, burns effigies etc, saying that the pope has insulted islam and that his remarks show anti-islamic feeling. Muslims once again, relishing in the opportunity to play the role of the downtrodden victim.

Pope apologises for any misunderstanding, reiterating that the words weren't his. Muslims not happy with that, demanding that the pope issue a further statement condemning the guy who made the statement he quoted. WHY SHOULD HE DO THAT???

Really grips my sh1t!!!
Rant over.
Why can't they just settle their differences in a boxing ring somewhere. POPE v a GRAND AYATOLLAH. The one who lives wins the argument. That seems fair to me!

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But it's from a psalm of the islamic religion, why should it be retracted when it's writen in history?

Next the Pope will be blamed form the European mass murder spree's in the old days!

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