Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. The pope has done it now ??? upset our muslim Friends >>> When are people going to leave these lovely people alone to get on with thier lives ???
  2. I agree. Leave the poor, friendly, non-violent people alone so that they are able to take over the world without any opposition. ;-)
  3. Who gives a shit if one religious freak upsets other religious freaks. Put the lot against the wall the world would be a better place.

  5. No a fundamentalist Liberal who hates all "Ism's".

  6. Could'nt agree more Nutty , :lol:
  7. This article of news has really highlited to me how a policy of appeasing muslims just doesn't work. The pope made a comment, quoting some geezer from hundreds of years ago, and he even made it clear that those views weren't his own. Sounds fair enough to me.

    Islamic world gets in an uproar, kicks off, burns effigies etc, saying that the pope has insulted islam and that his remarks show anti-islamic feeling. Muslims once again, relishing in the opportunity to play the role of the downtrodden victim.

    Pope apologises for any misunderstanding, reiterating that the words weren't his. Muslims not happy with that, demanding that the pope issue a further statement condemning the guy who made the statement he quoted. WHY SHOULD HE DO THAT???

    Really grips my sh1t!!!
    Rant over.
  8. Why can't they just settle their differences in a boxing ring somewhere. POPE v a GRAND AYATOLLAH. The one who lives wins the argument. That seems fair to me!
  9. Nice one >>> Always a civvy ???
  10. What's the point in having different views and beliefs if you have to apologise for them?!

    I'm with the pope on this one.
  11. Worlds gone Fxxxxxxxxg mad if you ask me , :twisted: :evil:
  12. But it's from a psalm of the islamic religion, why should it be retracted when it's writen in history?

    Next the Pope will be blamed form the European mass murder spree's in the old days!
  13. What a wonderful country we live in , the muslims are out in force in London protesting about the Pope, yet when they (non Muslims) want to hold a protest about our forces being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, its banned on health and safety grounds, makes you proud does`nt it? I dont want to see it but the BNP ranks will swell even more.
  14. The Christian Emperor quoted by the Nazi....sorry, Pope, is from the 15th century. Just at the time the church was at it's most loveable, forgiving and cheerful. Turn the other cheek, and all that.

    What about the Spanish Inquisition?

    Nobody expected that!

    You were lucky to get away with a red hot poker up your bum, and to grateful for that small mercy.
  15. The Spanish Inquisition? wheres the comfy chair?
  16. The Bast***ds go and shoot an Italian nun and her bodyguard.

    True what the psalm says.
  17. oooo! lovely the religious cyclepaths are at it again, bitch bitch, scratch yer bloody eyes out! The whole damn lot of preach how peaceful their particular brand is yet at the first hint of a possible insult their up in arms wanting to kill and be killed! So popey boy if you want to go and insult a few moslems why not, it's not you who'll be killed is it? just some poor bloody squaddies and rag's who are trying to get on with their lives! Best way to deal with it is a priest cull - terminate anybody who even mentions religion in any manner - this'll probably solve global warming and most other modern calamities in one fell swoop (if there's no one left we can't do much can we)
  18. If you mean the anti-Semitic pogroms you'd be right to blame the Church - for formenting anti-Semitism in the first place JD. It still existed in residual form even in the 1970s with some of the things I was taught in RE. That is one good thing I can say for JP2 - he did start to change the Church's historic anti-Semitism.

    I just love that term. I think it should enter the canons of Jackspeak! Although I sympathise with your sentiments, to be fair some are good people who seem to possess humility and actually practice their faith. For others it a convenient vehicle for political advancement...

    Very true Streaky. The Italian Inquisition was however much worse and more murderous than its famous Spanish predecessor. The Spanish Church opposed torturing spinsters, etc and making them confess to witchcraft, rejecting the ideas of the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammar of Witches) of 1486 which were so widely embraced by the Church in its Crusade against those whose beliefs deviated in any manner from those of the Papacy of Innocent VIII. And even today the Catholic Church dislikes criticism or scrutiny of its internal proceedures or beliefs. It wants to have it both ways - just like Marxists and Muslims really - only one "truth" is acceptable.

    Nuns have bodyguards these days? 8O Having said that she has died a martyr's death so will probably be beautified.

    Precisely, though their march was in London not scheduled to take place outside the Labour Party conference. It is shameful however - of course the families should be allowed to protest. As for health & safety considerations, what about the health & safety considerations of sending young servicemen out there in the first place. Look at the undermanning in Afganistan and the resultant lack of sleep it is leading to. As we all know, sleep deprevation and machinery (eg. guns) are not a good conbination!
  19. And now the UN want 20,000 troops for DAFUR, so balls to Afghanistan and Iraq, this world gets sicker every day, any body in future that wants to be a Politician should be shot.

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