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The Poor / Rich divide


War Hero
From MSN News.

Burglars are more likely to wear Reebok Classic trainers than any other type of footwear, the author of a new study has said.

An analysis of footprints left at crime scenes showed the shoes to be the footwear of choice for more than 50% of burglars.

Researchers at the University of Leicester found they were worn by 52 out of 100 burglars in Northamptonshire.

They also found that burglars from poorer areas tended to wear more expensive trainers.

The cost of trainers worn by unemployed burglars was £67 on average, while the average cost of those worn by burglars with jobs was £48.

Dr John Bond, a Fellow at the university's forensic research centre who carried out the study, described the findings as surprising.

He said: "We wondered whether there was a link between the type of shoes people wear to commit burglaries and their lifestyle.

"We were quite surprised to find this kind of correlation between the cost of the footwear and where people live."

It is hoped the findings will help police catch criminals by narrowing down their search to those most likely to be wearing the type of shoe identified in crime scene footprints.

Dr Bond, who is also the head of forensic science at Northamptonshire Police, said it was not known whether the burglars had bought or stolen their trainers.



War Hero
Obviously, since unemployed burglars have more time on their hands to devote to their hobby, they'll be able to afford to be more discerning in their choice of footwear. The employed burglar on the other hand, having to fit his hobby around the schedules of a busy working life, will not have the time to spare and will inevitably have to grab willy-nilly at the first pair of unbranded, ill-fitting trainers that he sees.
One's heart goes out to them. :roll: 8O

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