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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Jimmy_Green, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. With only a couple of years before I rejoin civvy street I am now actively considering which direction to take for my future career path.

    One of the things I have considered is IT security (penetration testing, ethical hacking and computer forensics) but the other area that interests me is in joining the police, either a Home Office force or the MOD plod.

    Are there any members of RR that have joined the police that can give me an insight into what to expect for someone joining the police with a forces background?

    Will it be possible to combine both areas of interest?

    Also, is it worth transferring pusser's pension to the police's pension scheme?
  2. I joined the Old Bill many years ago from Pusser and left Plod more than 10 years ago and carried across no pension as I did not have one.

    Within the UK at present many forces are putting white males at the bottom of recruiting lists as they try to match the ethnic and female equality numbers put on them. Currently all join as Pc's and after a minium of 20 weeks training are let out as uniform PC's. It is normally two years before you are allowed to specialize into CID, Traffic etc. It is a well paid job with a good pension but like all things these days has budget constraints, targets etc.

    It of course depends on what part of the country you wish to be stationed Forces are still Regional or County based. So if you want to join Devon and Cornwall it used to be near as dammit Dead Mans Shoes, where as London or Manchester no problem. You will find they are more interested in getting Police Community Support Officers into the ranks cos they cost half the price. Your Housing situation of course is a major factor. Can you afford to rent or purchase near where you may be stationed. Public transport is often not an option when working shifts 365 day a year.

    If you are deeply into IT and have abilty to do Java and similar then financially, look seriously at IT contracting being part of a team writing programmes for Customer companies.


    PS Of course you would get better answers from some one who has done this very recently my posting is thoughts for you to consider as no ne else has responded.
  3. Thanks for your reply Nutty,

    I have browsed the poilcecouldyou website and had a look at some of the regional websites which give the basic info. Much like a civvy would look at Pusser's official website. There are only a handful of forces that are recruiting at the moment and the one that appeals most is Avon & Somerset. I have joind one of the police forums but am still reading through all the old posts before I chip in, besides most seem to be civvies that are going through the paper sift stage so I don't think they'll really be able to answer too many of the questions I have to ask. I really need the advice from an old and bold copper.

    A couple of the other forces I'm looking at are MOD plod and CNC.

    I would like to specialise after the probation period, probably traffic or AR but in reality, how long after the 2 year probation period should one wait before applying?

    As for the IT side, I'm not interested in programming but the security aspect. I know the National High Tech Crime Unit ran the IT side of things that I'm interested in and the NHTCU has now been absorbed into SOCA. Is SOCA considered to be a police force in it's own right, as MDP, BTP & CNC are or is it classed as a government agency?
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  5. Thanks for the link Sarge
  6. I think you will find Avon and Somerset were one of the forces recently criticized for running a hidden adgenda to keep white male recruits to a minumum and build up the ethnic and female staff.

    Different forces have different ideas about when to specialise but most start after probation. The secret seems to be if you have set your mind on traffic then during your probation period involve yourself as often as possible with great enthusiam with traffic matters. Do no ignore crime, Domestic etc but people will soon pick up where you want to go and a pre-volunteer is always better than an applicant who pops out of the woodwork with no track record.

    AS far as SOCA goes I have had no recent imput but at the time of formation great problems were going on trying to put Police, Customs, Tax, Immigration etc all with different terms of Service and Powers if any to enter seize and arrest. As I understand it they are not Police Officers but are civil servants, or Goverment Agents but thats only via press reports etc.

    If I was going to apply to join I would start the ball rolling at least 1 year before discharge.

  7. With 784 days to go :) before I leave the mob I think I'm giving myself plenty of time to find out as much as possible and yes, I was planning on applying 8-12 months before my discharge date. I think some forces have different rules on when you can apply. Besides, in the next 12 months or so it's possible that other forces may start recruiting again and a couple of the other HO forces I'd like to take a look at are Devon & Cornwall and West Mercia.

    Do the police have a more positive attitude towards applicants from the forces compared to civvies?
  8. I joined the South Wales Police in 1980 having served 11 years in the mob. I had 9 years pensionable time and was allowed to transfer 8 years into my police pension. That meant I was able to retire from the force at 48 with a 30 full pension but only had to serve 22 years. However, I now believe a person has to do 35 years before getting a full pension.
  9. I thought this was going to be a thread about Sting's band.

    Disappointed now!
  10. I've been thinking of trying the MDP, though to be honest I've only gone as far as downloading the application form so far. Heres what seem to be the police version of Arrse though.
  11. I had several mates who on leaving the RN joined the MOD Plods. They all seemed happy with their lot and the ones I met up with later reckoned that it was a far easier life than the main police forces.
  12. They were a band, you are joking!!!!!!!

  13. Jimmy

    I've been old bill for 19 years and about to join (as an old git) RNR.

    Several issues you may wish to consider...

    1. pension - you should still be able to transfer this over - the new police pension scheme (for recruits as of April 06) is 35 years service for half pension (half of your final earnings or you can commute a lump sum for a smaller monthly pension)

    2. MOD Plod v Civvy Bill - I think MOD have a NON-CONTRIBUTORY pension scheme but you have to serve a lot longer to get your money. Job is pretty much restricted to being on MOD sites and dealing with their shite and MQs domestics but do help old Civvy Bill on occasions (well they do round my way)

    3. You mentioned A&S (neighbouring force to me) and as quite rightly pointed out by another above, they were looked at very closely for POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION and not recruiting white male officers - I wonder why (sorry, do I sound cynical but you need to be if you want to old bill)

    4. To swing the lamp "things aint what they used to be" We are so politically driven, everything has a policy, there's probably even one for how many sheets of paper you should use to wipe your arse!

    5. The job gets very frustrating - believe it or not most cops do actually want to help people, fight crime and put baddies behind bars but the do-gooders, Human Rights Act, Courts and the Crown Prosecution Service do our legs before we even start.

    6. Pay is quite good - you actually get paid a salary and OVERTIME (sorry to rub it in guys) if you work over your 40 hours per week.

    7. Benefits - what benefits - F*** all unless you pay for them

    8. Recruiting - like what's been said above many forces, especially smaller ones, aren't recruiting much at the moment because we're all (except the Met) strapped for cash so the government are providing shed loads of wedge to buy a load of PCSO's (as my chief contstable put it "buy one get three free offer") as they are much cheaper to employ - they don't have many powers yet, but you wait much longer and they will have a load more powers doing the same as me at half the price. Policing on the cheap / conning the public, perish the thought !

    9. I love the job, despite all my dripping, and the variety of not knowing what you are going to be doing in 5 minutes time let alone tomorrow is great. I've done general policing, traffic, training, comms, PSU (Riot squad as you may know them) help run recrutiment assessment centres/ interviewing and more - got promoted - more money and more responsibility but less options available.

    10. Worth considering. Believe it or not, from what I read on RR and the crap that's pumped out on the official RN site, it aint that different from the mob. Shafted by the good old government but everyone that's actually doing the job makes it work.

    Hope this helps - I've tried to make it balanced and honest - if you want any more info either contact me direct or via this thread (i'll try to remember to keep an eye on it).

    Good luck

  14. Sorry - forgot to answer a couple of your points - there are IT related specialists (such as those that do forensic examination of computers for paedophiles etc) so may be able to combine both areas IT/Police.

    Do they have a more positive approach to ex-forces...bottom line is they shouldn't do because the process is via a paper sift (some forces may sift in/out more forces) then if successful you go through a national assessment centre where you are assessed against a list of core competencies to see how you deal with people and how you behave/react. Once you have completed the assessment it is then down to forces to decide who they employ. Sound a bit grey ? It's as specific as I can be, sorry.

    Be careful on the use of the word "civvies" - we're not allowed to call "Police staff" civvies ! Political correctness gone mad, you may think so, I couldn't possibly comment.
  15. Thanks for your reply Windy.

    I've had a look at a couple of the police forums and it seems that there are quite a few ex-forces personnel that join the police. I guess there is a similar sense of comradship in the police as there is in the forces.

    From what I've read in the police forums, most police officers enjoy their job but suffer the same frustations that the rest of us enjoy. I don't think any of us would be happy unless we had something to drip about.

    I'm not sure the idea of being a social worker to chav families as part of the job really appeals so I would probably want to join the MOD plod over a Home Office force although it sounds as if the paper sift is harder to pass.

    The other thing that appeals with MDP is that there are apparently more opportunities to specialise.
  16. My dad had met that bald headed SGT who used to be on that TV series in 2004 about the British Transport police in London. Dad told the guy I had left the RN and he replied that I should try for the armed police or something, Apparently they love the fact that you are ex-forces and such. Big tip though, driver's license is a must for them and the transport police. I never did follow through with the advice.
  17. Jimmy, I have just joined this forum and while surfing it became interested in your thread and its subsequent postings and felt that I could add to what has already been said which may assist you. I was in the RN from 1947-55 and joined the Bedfordshire Police directly afterwards where I spent the next 10 years. Circumstances have changed considerably since those days. The ethnic problems encountered today did not exist then, neither were there motorways, school crossing patrols, parking wardens, armed police, drug problems, and etc, etc! Pay too in my day was low, very low. Like other contributors I liked the work involved but hated the culture that prevailed. The esprit-de-corp of the navy does not exist outwith the armed services where it is 'dog-eat-dog'. Later, I became a housemaster in the old Home Office Approved School Service (not a bad job but low paid again). Spent time as a child care officer (social work) assisting dysfunctional families (another good and very easy job). The final 20 years were with the prison service in Scotland which was not a bad job until Thatcher interfeared. I have now been retired for almost 20 years and glad to be out of the 'rat-race' but still adversely affected pensionwise by the Thatcher influence which New Labour has allowed to continue. If you are reasonably competent at writing then you might consider starting as a lowly paid solicitor's or barrister's clerk as the prospects, once ensconed in the post, would provide for greater opportunity than any of the public services could offer. Whatever is likely to happen to you when you leave the RN the one certainty is that you are going to start again at the bottom and no one will be interested in your service career except when you are paying for their beer. Your first step is to take vocational or career counselling which should highlight a few interests and appitudes and other interesting traits which you probably did not know you possessed. Work too with local government, or banking and insurance, or in local newspaper reporting (like the Bedfordshire Times). If you do seek to enter the police then the greatest opportunites obviously exist in the Met. I hope you find your dream but do be prepared for a lengthy period of re-adapting. Security work is often low paid, involving long hours, and is best avoided.
  18. Nutty,

    SOCA was formed from the former National Crime Squad and the National Criminal Intelligence Service, with members of organisations such as HMRC drafted in. As such, they are considered to be a police force and do have the power of arrest.
  19. JG,
    My Bro-in-law (ax army) joined Cambs force and Cousin (Ex RAF Armourer) is in the Met. Im in IT, been doing it for over 20yrs, and looking around for a new challenge. I looked at policecouldyou website and out of all the Polices forces listed only 7 were actively recruiting although they were saying that if your from an ethnic minority or GL community they would look at your application.

    I too am looking at MoD plod, from talking to my Bro-In-Law MoD do seem to have bit more of a choice as they are across the UK so the possible choice or roles within the force are slightly better. Also once your in and have finished your probationary period etc, transferring to another force is a lot easier than getting in as a direct recruit....
  20. Jim,

    I'm serving in the PSNI.

    I know of a couple of lads who left the PSNI and joined the CNC.

    They seem to be keen on people who have had experience of firearms, and they came over here on a recruiting drive. I understand that there is the opportunity to serve on board merchant ships carrying nuclear materials, as armed guards, and that the earning potentials are most attractive !!

    AFAIK, their pension scheme is'nt great, (1/40th as opposed to 1/30th commutation) which would mean you having to serve longer to retire with the equivalent pension that you would receive if retiring from a Home Office Force.

    I'm not well up on pensions, but again afaik your Royal Navy pension would buy you almost the same amount of years in a Police pension.

    As someone said earlier, under the new Police pension scheme, to get the maximum pension you must serve 35yrs as opposed to 30 under the old scheme.

    The PSNI are recruiting in large numbers, and will be until 2011. If you were prepared to relocate to NI it would be a reasonable choice (for someone just joining, I think its sh*te but thats for personal reasons !!). Once in, you could transfer back home once you had completed your probation. We currently receive an environmental allowance of £280.00 per month. We are also slightly different in that all Officers are routinely armed so firearms training is included in your initial training (Glock 17).

    Please PM me if you want any more info. There is positive discrimination here also, but I'll bring you up to speed on that if you contact me.


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