The Police, have they lost the plot....again?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    This is, sorry I correct myself, this is happening all to frequently, what is wrong with our coppers? have they no common dog anymore or have they been so brow beaten by the liberal left that there is no point in having a police force anymore?........or is the police pay dispute about to turn ugly and this is well placed Govt spin?;jsessionid=BONTV5OQMU1U5QFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2008/01/19/nhaveago119.xml

    Taster of the article:

    Pensioner who shouted at yobs ends up in cells

    Last Updated: 1:44am GMT 19/01/2008

    A pensioner who stepped in to stop youths throwing stones at ducks on a canal was arrested by police.

    Bill Marshall was expecting officers to investigate his complaints about being repeatedly taunted by the gang. Instead the 73-year-old great-grandfather was taken to a cell and accused of attacking the teenagers.

    Mr Marshall, who has a heart condition and diabetes, was left distressed and angered by the arrest.
  2. Piss off WB - this gets me so het up that you only put it on to get me going.
  3. This is a disgrace but i think the buck should start and stop with the P.C (excuse pun) policies that come from up high which the new intake of police officers have to abide by.

    Last night i was doing the normal big yellow taxi service role as we do over the weekend. I was called to an alledged assault and there were Police everywhere. The patient in question had tried to swing for an old school police officer (following the assault by the staff of a chippy because this lad didnt want to pay) and he had detained him. what impressed me about him was he was no nonsense and basically told this lad that any grief from him and he would be nicked for every public order offence going and not to give us any gip either!! My point was that this guy didnt pussy foot around and told him how it was. The lad understood perfectly what he meant and played ball.

    I final note. we rang our controller and asked if the lad in question had been battered in said chip shop. :thumright: :thumright:
  4. No they don't, there is still a thing called 'common sense'.

    P.S. Maybe your right, this is the police afterall - thick as shit the lot of them.
  5. Its stupid, the modern police cant do a thing. Arrested for STOPPING SOMEONE throwing stones, he should get a bloody medal!
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I must admit I'm leaning more and more towards the belief that the coppers have to do these stupid things as apposed to wanting to do these stupid things.

    I have no evidence to support this theory other than the fact that most coppers cant be cnuts and there is alot of ex forces in the police. I may be wrong but I simply cannot see coppers being so wilfully bad.

    I may be wrong, I hope not.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Outraged! No not really, it's happening everyday and has absolutely nothing to do with common sense but everything to do with KPI's, targets, bonuse's and money. Far better to arrest a morally innocent party if it's possible to follow that arrest through with a conviction.

    I was talking to a copper about this the other day, his spin on it was this; When you were a young lad how many times did the plod turn up to fights you were involved in, in a pub? me "loads" How many times were you arrested compared to how many times you were given a good bollockiing and told to thin out? always given a bollocking and told to bugger off. He then went on to explain hundreds of young men are being prosecuted and given a criminal record for something which years ago would have been considered just a bunch of lads messing around, as long as nobody was seriously hurt.

    So why have things changed? Answer CCTV = easy conviction therefore more lads charged and convicted for affray..... Serious crime sucks up resources, hard to solve and convict, therefore leave it well alone only specialist units have the resources to look into it.

    Sad performance driven world we live in isn't it?
  8. No my cousin is a copper and he hates the fact that he can catch the crims but the corts just let the cnuts back out. I aadmire coppers for trying to bring justice but I hate barristers that defend the crims especially the GBH ones.
  9. Police force not now its service .My son in law ..ex army iis now a prison officer 18 years+. 7 years ago they were told not to wear hats as they were seen as to aggresive to the bloody scumbags. I could not believe it .But true :pukel:
  10. My dad was a copper from 1946/1971 .Before that diver RN.durng ww2 at Gib .He left after 25 years for the reason of getting to soft on crooks .He will be tuning in his grave.R.I.P. :
  11. He can spin all the shit he wants, but if it is resources then one of you have the guts to leak something to the press just like the government nobodies do - you owe them nothing - show you are not whimps on a par with footballers, because that is how your coming across.
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    NMC, chieffy and I ain't coppers, I'd hazard a guess I've had more *cough* interactions with them but we can't go leaking stories that we dont have.
  13. NMC i need to point out that i'm not a cozzer either but i work closely with them and find that they work bloody hard. Yes granted some of them are wet blankets but when the shite hits the fan i'm pretty pleased they are about. Point of note. Dont even get me started about the fire service which is where you should be vented your frustration at. Utter utter waste of time and yes this is from first hand experience on my part and not speculation!!
  14. This is nothing to do with so-called political correctness but a police officer who wasn't doing his job properly... probably an ex-yob himself or a trouble-maker. :evil: The officer should have to personally apologize, in public, to his victim... oh but of course he'll probably blame his parents/society rather than taking responsibility for his own actions. Reminds me of the pornopadre....
  15. ex_rubberdagger wrote:
    They don't work any harder than anyone else.
    What's that bit about 'pleased they are about'? Where are they about cus they certainly not about in guzz, even when you call for assistance.
    I have no bee in my bonnet about the fire service, but have to admit they can be too proper some times.
    We had a major exercise on board with them and they wanted to see the mimic and layout of the boat before they would even go in.

    P.S. if there are any police on here:

  17. And even more so for the police who do sod all but pick on motorist for money

    You will be pleased to hear that my bosses are finally tackling the scourge of police officers lounging about inside the station. I fully expect to see the problem stamped out within days, as today I received by email news of another TARGET - this time the rather woolly one of "not returning to the station before the end of the shift". A number of new measures have been introduced to encourage Blandmoreans to meet their new target.

    These include the ability to close crime investigations by telephone before even leaving the scene of the crime. This is best done out of earshot of the victim who has been left thinking we are about to undertake a full investigation. The idea is that if we know we will never catch the person, why waste time trying?
    We have also been given pocket-sized statement forms, "ideal" for use at crime scenes. The advantages here are obvious: rather than having to arrange proper lighting, seating, sobriety and quiet to take a detailed statement from our witness in accordance with proper procedure, we can just scribble down their few drunken words on the bonnet of the police car. The case will be thrown out later for lack of evidence, but at least we won't have wasted time returning to the police station.

    In time, we can expect to see the introduction of PDAs and in-car technology to keep layabout coppers out on the street. I am sure there will only be a small rise in the number of complaints of police officers parking up in side-streets to complete work, and likewise a similar rise in the number of police crashes due to the increased mileage they will cover. This will all help to keep the police on their toes.

    Of course, none of the new measures will actually tackle the AMOUNT of bureaucracy police officers currently face, but will at least bring it out into the streets where the public can see it. It will also do wonders for the yearly Activity Analysis figures we produce, as any time spent out of the station can rightfully be claimed as "frontline policing".

    I am sure, as always with new targets designed to satisfy one or other of the statisticians in the Home Office, we will have the full support of the public
  19. Hot News

    Notice how the police are mentioned last. Someone has to direct the traffic,
  20. Lets not carried away...We where burgled at easter .Mess every draw wardrobe turned over .Police came straight away ..and they got the get he is now in Preston prison

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