The PM's Statement To The House On The SDSR In Written Form


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Re: The PM's Statement To The House On The SDSR In Written F

In sum:

ROYAL NAVY Key Messages

• The UK will keep a nuclear deterrent based on Trident and continuous at-sea deterrence.
• The Royal Navy will retain significant submarine, surface ship and amphibious capabilities.
• We are radically altering the Carrier programme. We will build two but only use one routinely,fitted with catapults and arrestor gear and operating the more capable CV variant of the Joint Strike Fighter.
• The Royal Navy will decrease by about 5,000 personnel to around 30,000 in 2015, but there will be no changes to Royal Marine combat units involved in Afghanistan operations.

ARMY Key Messages

• There will be no changes to Army combat units
• We will, however, make around 7,000 reductions
• We intend to restructure the Army’s 6 manoeuvre
optimised for the kind of challenges we expect
• We will retain the ability to deploy, at best effort,
with appropriate maritime and air support.


• We plan to build a combined fast jet fleet of the more capable Carrier Variant Joint Strike Fighter and Typhoon aircraft in the next decade and will asses the balance between the two platforms in the next Defence Review.
• The decision to retire our Harriers, not bring the Nimrod MRA4 into service and reduce the number of Tornados shows the very difficult choices we had to make to focus resources in support of current operations.
• The RAF’s Air Transport Force will be rationalised as quickly as possible to consist of the most modern and capable aircraft types: A400M, C17 and A330 FSTA.
• The RAF will reduce to around 33,000 by 2015 and 31,500 by 2020.
• Reductions in the RAF will not affect Operations in Afghanistan and priority areas of capability will not be compromised.

We will be decommissioning HMS Ark Royal, either HMS Illustrious or HMS Ocean subject to further work to determine which will provide greater capability, four destroyers or frigates and a Bay class amphibious support ship. We will also be placing either HMS Albion or HMS Bulwark at extended readiness. We have not yet decided which specific DD/FF or
Bay class ships will be decommissioned.

The withdrawal of Nimrod MRA4 and Harrier, as well as the reduction in size of the Tornado fleet, will mean that RAF Kinloss and two other bases (Cottesmore & Lyneham) will no longer be required as RAF operating bases. No decisions have been taken on the future use of any base affected. Future rationalisation to consider Lossiemouth / Leeming / Wittering

MOD-wide Civilian reduction of 25,000 by 2015; DE&S 20% cut in Cat C & D projects 30% cut in manpower.

We plan to make total reductions of around 17,000 Service personnel by 2015: Royal Navy to decrease by around 5,000 to c.30,000 personnel; Army to decrease by around 7,000 to c.95,000 personnel; and the RAF to decrease by around 5,000 to c.33,000 personnel. The redundancy programme will be conducted in 3 tranches and it is anticipated that it will be to be completed by 2014.

It is unsustainable and inappropriate to continue with the current package of allowances. We therefore plan to rationalise service allowances by around £250M a year. Will the Continuation of Education Allowance (CEA – sometimes known as Boarding School Allowance) be stopped?
We haven’t decided. Details of changes to individual allowances will be promulgated once decisions have been taken.


Re: The PM's Statement To The House On The SDSR In Written F

What's the expected outcome for Endurance? Will it still go to the scrapheap and be replaced by a Norweigian built replacement?

Hope it's not the T22's that go; purely from a selfish perspective as a CT, as we've already lost at least 1 possible draft in the Ark Royal. If the T22's go, then the very viability of our branch becomes an issue.


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Re: The PM's Statement To The House On The SDSR In Written F

All 4 T22 are gone, no decision that I am aware of as regards ENDURANCE.
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