The Plot Sickens


War Hero
A recent inquirey into the Australian Wheat Board involved an investigation into a claim that the AWB had paid Sadam Hussein's regime bribe money to keep the wheat contract with Iraq. Despite evidence from reliable sources the AWB maintained its innocence and pollies connected with the affair denied any knowledge of the matter. With millions of dollars going to support Iraq troops were being sent to the country to fight. Imagine this, servicemen and women fighting against an enemy receiving money from their own country.
Heads rolled needless to say but the pollies appear to be beyond the law, surprise surprise. There may be criminal charges against some of the major players in the game but the person in charge of the inquirey directed that no politicians or government departments be subject to criminal proceedings.No doubt the public will accept this but other poor buggers will pay for some relatively minor matter and be screwed for far less. Grrrrrrr.


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