The perfect ship for boarding ops in the Gulf...


The more I think about it the more I think that these ships would have been ideal for boarding ops in the Gulf: small, shallow draft, well armed, 2xRIBs etc etc. Much better than putting a 5,000 ton warship there. And cheaper!

Shame they were flogged to the Irish and the Phillipine Navies...
I suppose the fault is with both the Tories and Labour. What a short sighted decision.
Stumpy, quite agree,
I served onboard HMS Swallow and then HMS Starling and carried out countless 'boardings' in Hong Kong waters using the Rigid Raiders (driven by a friendly Bootneck) The Peacock class would be ideal for use in the Gulf.
We could even have permanently based 3 or more of them in the Gulf and roated crews home for leave, courses etc. It would have saved a fortune as well.
If only! Ideal for the task.

I'm sure Dumbo could have survived a few more years in the cold S Atlantic waters. That would have released her replacement to do some Gulf time. I expect the contract covering her has been stitched so tight as to make it never happen. That and any gash money there may be (and there isn't any) is destined for chaps in brown suits. Oh yes, I'm forgetting, we need to man her as well.
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