The perfect job for submariners


Lantern Swinger
rod-gearing said:
Any ladies or sheep onboard?
It says ladies have applied, but, they may be East European, so probably look like sheep anyway. :pukel: and they don't swallow either..

and if they aren't willing to help out, throw one over your thumb or you'll have bollocks like footballs after 500 days.

At least it says there is a high workload or you'd be thrapping YOUR LIFE AWAY for 500 days (imagine how stiff the sheets would be, maybe not)

and how much of this would be needed:
:tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp:

and how many socks would you need??
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