The Peoples Museum - HMS Cavalier


Lantern Swinger
Hi Just recieved this E Mail:

Just to advise you that on Wednesday 17th May at 1500/30 BBC2 has a programme featuring the HMS Cavalier and there will be a chance to vote for “The Peoples Museum†Favourite.

Lines will be open from 1000 to 2359 and you are asked to vote for HMSCavalier as the favourite the number to dial is 0915225201 All of you please pass on this information to all in your address book and ask them to vote!

Thought I would pass it on. Glad I'm on a sicky so I can watch this, last time I saw her was in Chatham many years ago

Must have been in the mid 70s yes?
I was one of the lads who destored her prior to her being towed from Chatham for preservation.
Won't be able to watch the prog, but will get the vote in.