The penis extension

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. I've had two, Gun Controller 4.5 Mk8 GSA1 fcuking awesome bit of kit put your foot on the trigger 25 rpm out to 20,000yds the whole fcuking ship would lurch and it woke the greenies up in the afternoon. Fired it for real in 1982 my fcuking foot was shaking so much it could have been 100rpm.
    Seadart GWS 30 fired 16 in my time mach 2.5 out to 40km each worth a private pension. The only thing better was a blowjob from a whore in Mombassa but thats another dit!!:-D
  2. Haha nice one stan. I bet those 4.5 inch guns are awesome.
  3. Obviously a PFK ship. :sleepy2:

    My "greenies", (WEMs) had been,in the forenoon, manning the gunbay & deep mag, returned the empties, sponged out and had lunch while the Ops dept. were still having a debrief. ;-P :-D
  4. I have found that Porche make a fair penis extension and one the finest leg openers known to man.
  5. My wife suggested I get a penis enlarger. For some reason, when I replied that I already had one, that she was 22 and named Mandy, the Mrs got a bit pissy.

    PS: What are all the Crabfat, whirly-winged pieces of crap doing on HM's finest? I'd turn in my grave if I was dead :pissedoff:
  6. I normally found the PWO(A) to be the penis with his lap dog of a COPS(M) the extension.........................
  7. Never served with a COPS(M) was he a Reggie??

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