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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Remember your first one when you mustered (e.g. in the Drill Shed), pay book at the short trail,
    ready and eager to step forward, bark out your Pay Book number (?) and have all that lovely
    loot deposited in your hot sweaty palm?
    If memory serves, I think mine was £5. 7s. 6p. for a fortnights hard ironing, drill, scrubbing,
    polishing and learning which way up my wooden name-stamp should be before I blattered
    my name all over my kit. F*ck knows where the money went.....probably on sweeties, starch,
    polish and perhaps a couple of pint of Guinness darn-the-club. It's a bit like that now......'cos
    it's STILL f*ck knows where the money goes, even if the amount of wedge has improved
    somewhat. It don't go on sweeties, starch and beer any more that's for f*cking sure.


    X X X
  2. Nope ... Cant remember my first Golden Eagle Day ... do seem to remember having cap upturned under sweaty mitt to catch loot as paymaster dropped it in your hand ... or was that the other table??????????
  3. We weren't allowed to touch our wages in Raleigh save for an advance of around £50 to buy boot polish and other essentials.

    After my passing out parade, I went straight on Christmas leave and spunked 2 months wages on a guitar which I still have now.
  4. Ship's Book number required not pay book number.
  5. July 83, first pay day after two weeks, got paid £24 in hand, moved along to the next table and handed £20 back to pay back an advance I'd taken to pay for bitz & bobz.

    At the time the RN were recruiting YTS, they were on £25 a week and didn't have to pay food & accom!
  6. Something nice I trust?
  7. It's a Crafter Electro Acoustic, not sure which model, but it's one of the top end ones. I love it.
  8. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    On some other thread but so what...My pay 1953/4 £176 :1s : 6d. Tax £1 : 3s: 0d. I was rich.
  9. Ganges 1961 12/6d and no beer!:-|
  10. Just remember getting the dosh in my mitt and then paying back blokes I owed money to, getting money back that I was owed then trying to get past the fashion police without having to cough up for a new haircut/8's/cap/shoes etc etc.£11 a fortnight at Ganges if memory serves (1973).
  11. Sounds like money well spent.
  12. GSpot 1962 - 15s , no beer (far, far too young) but lots of nutty, and the odd tanner in the bowling alley, when not mess cleaning (had a nazi for a badge junior!). After xfer to the main camp, and after getting the 1st Class star, was allowed into town, Shotley !! - then later to Dovercourt .... flashing the pennies as a new Jack the Lad ....... ;) :)
  13. Far east, early 60's, tropical gear...........oppo turns up for pay parade wearing flip flops.....'we're not paying you in flip flops' barked the Coxn.....'Thats OK' says oppo 'pound notes will do !'....................anyway, ...when I went ashore with him 14 days later.......! :slow:
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  14. I well remember my first payday in Raleigh when I was presented with the princely sum of £7.I recall having to quote my official number which wasn't on the tip of my tongue after only a fortnight.And so it went on every other week £7,£7, £7, when suddenly £7.2s.6d was thrust in my direction.Whooppee doo a payrise...errr not exactly.Raleigh quarterly magazine was on sale cost 2s.6d.Purchase was not optional if you knew what was good for you.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    1960 At Mercury £4-10-00 (£4.50p) a fortnight as a Junior Radio Operator
  16. 1983 - £97 a month take home as a Junior Radio Operator!
  17. wal

    wal Badgeman

    66 shillings ten.
  18. Caught on quick and hid my hair under an oversized hat and mostly managed to go to miss musters for payment.Up yours jossman.
  19. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Pay parade on the quarterdeck...OD Boggs, wasn't quick enough to slap his hand on his cap and watched, in fear, as his pay blew over the side. Canteen Flat used from then on.

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