The paras vs the royal marines

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Shotgun_Assassin, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. I'm surprised this hasn;t come up before. But who do you think is better?

    I personally think paras are better at swift aggressive assaults but Marines are better at yomping long distances and swimming.
  2. I heard something about if a wall was in the road of an assault for either the 2, the paras will blast a hole through it and the RM will work a way around it!.

    They both just as good, all units are just as good infantry wise (meaning all other regs of the Army and RAF reg) just the paras, ghurkas and RM are fitter than most.
  3. [align=center]I do think Nails has risen again!!!!!! :roll: [/align]
  4. Theres an old story going back to the 70s when the paras challanged a fieldgun team to a Log race
    the tale go's on to say the Field gunners had been taking a lot of [email protected]
    and abuse from the paras

    so apparently the field gunners got well ahead stopped then ambushed the paras and knocked 10 bells out of them then went on to complete the race

    so i guess it will always be the Navy /RM
  5. The RAF Regiment is better than either....*runs away*
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you getting confused with the paras going into the Devonport bar at Earl's Court? They were told in no uncertain terms that they weren't welcome and warned what would happen if they came back into the oggies bar. Come back they did and were then filled in. Apparently they were the "pathfinders" who are something of an elite amongst paras??? Supposedly the RSM went to the Guzz bar to apologise afterwards.
  7. I heard Securicore is the best
  8. The Paras had somewhat of a reputation going back many years when they were based in Aldershot, but I guess that's what you get for recruiting neanderthals.
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    When I was on the Brave we were affiliated to Dover, another paras garrison. On going into pubs there, the staff were openly impolite bordering on hostility towards us. After a couple of bars we asked why we were being treated so. It was because they thought we were paras! They were so sick of them smashing the pubs up.They were consequently hated by publicans.
  10. How would you know? You have not served in the Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines, Ghurkas , Line Infantry or the 'Elite' RAF Reg Gate Guards.

    Reading Andy McNab or Chris Ryan books or having a 'mate' in any or all of the above does not qualify you to gob off.
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  11. WRONG!!
    10 pages of ****, ill informed opinion and hilarity here.

    There is more of the same available but it makes my eyes bleed, so you can look for it yourself, there's a good mong.
  12. FFS, everyone knows its the S&S
  13. BALLS! So thats my dits on 23SAS, 539 Asqn, 3rd Ghurka Rifles, the Royal Greenjackets and the Skyblue Monkeyf**ers all bollocksed then........

    I concur with Mikh, one well trained chef can murder us with a spoon...esp if hes had it up his bum before he stirs the custard......
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  14. If this isn't a two penn'orth is:

    We are each side, of the same coin.

    RM's do one thing - Paras do the other - both together, complete the job.

    Both Units have wicked buggers in 'em - and (surprisingly to most people) have good mates in them.

    Mine, was an RMB Musician (and Yachtie) who got me into more trouble...but that's for another time....and after the initial use of 'Jargon' managed to communicate reasonably well :lol:

    The SFSG is a case in point - despite the usual whispers,we all work well together,after the initial 'your Unit's rubbish' bollocks.

    As the SFSG 'gel' into an Unit - that will become something fearsome - as proved by 1 Para, in support of the SAS, in an Iraqi 'job'.
    Expand that, to what each of the components bring to the table - and you have a Platform that can be relied upon - which is what the SAS need in completing their work - see?

    Unit Pride is one thing & expected,but going further than that is plain childish - one thing common to both is Fitness,and if you think that was enough to satisfy the SFSG 'Overseers' - think again !!
    Only the Best can match the requirement of the SAS - & it's no easy,cushy ride either (as some idiots have stated !!) - due to both RM's and Paras having a similar ethos,this 'step-up' in Performance was, and is, being achieved.

    As a 'conditioned' Para.I have seen the work of both Units through different eyes - I always knew that I could rely on the RM's - Fact.
    We're undoubtedly a 'rougher' mob than the RM's - in the sense of one of each,being put into the same Social Occasion - I know who'd drop a ricket first..... :lol:

    My ideal Force would be - The Paras, with the RM's and Ghurkas - and we've nearly got that in the SFSG... 8O

    I remember being told that a PSI Sgt of The Paras once said - if his son was to join the Forces - he'd steer him to the RM's !!!

    WHY ??

    Cos the RN looks after its RM's, better than the Army does its Paras. (I've heard this many times before, as well)

    I've been to several RM 'Do's' - and ALWAYS been given a good welcome,in fact I don't think I've met a Booty that I didn't like... 8O :lol:

    So - who's better ? We both do different jobs - it's like asking a Portrait Painter to compare himself to a Derivatives Trader - both different.

    The answer is not a simple one, & the question is silly, IMHO.
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  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say that is one of the best honest answers I've seen on this never-ending topic which is usually one asked by those genuinely thinking of joining, rather than wind-up merchants - as in this instance.

    Hope you don't mind Iscoed, but I'm quoting your answer elsewhere as it's a good balanced view from an experienced perspective.
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  19. Bloody good answer, only thing I would add is that SFSG provide close support for all SF not just SAS.
  20. Having operated with the Army chaps I will just say that we all got on with the job in hand without any problems or inter branch oneupmanship.
    I'd rather have someone whom I can trust watching my back regardless of his branch than some pillock from my own branch.
    The place for banter is in the bar afterwards and those of us with a sense of discipline and professionalism can do so without getting into bitching or fisticuffs.

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