The Parallel Olympic opening Ceremony

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Sumo, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Ok who like myself stayed up to see the End?

    Could not quite get my head around it all, but obviously a lot of time and effort went into the ceremony.:D

    The Channel 4 commentators were? Strange, sounded like they had to keep waking Jon Snow up and when he spoke he spoke drivel? Or over stated why people where disabled?:blob6:

    Adverts did not help the show?:cwm10::frown:
  2. Didn't watch either.
  3. TRE: Is that not interested or to old? You missed a strange but good show.

    Completely knackered now in Office, seeing as it over ran until 00:20 as someone did not calculate the Para Olympians speed of movement and wishing to enjoy the moment so slowed down to way and pose for cameras, maybe I should have gone to bed, too late for that now.

    But the Royal who zip wired into the arena from a tower 350m high from outside of the arena, with the Olympic flame had some balls
  4. Yeah watched and enjoyed. Bring on the rugby.
  5. No too busy sailing, not interested in the Lord Coe's and others hopping onto gravy trains and lording it over others. All that spin on how little it would cost, from our politicians, the lies of the "factored it in with the contingency funds" when It ran over budget. The Olympic Mc Donald's police chasing any man and his dog in case they infringe the marketing rights and onion rings having to be cut in half in case they formed an Olympic circle. Tugs towing a barge around the UK called nowhere island as part of the Olympic dream. No over priced, over hyped, and way too much political spin. Olympics, ram it
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tre, I must admit that Coe is pissing me off too. I did (surprised myself) get caught up in the Olympic hype and enjoyed all I managed to see, but Coe is so obviously and unashamedly feathering his political nest. It grips my shit every time I see/hear him on TV or radio.

  7. Smarmy bar-steward comes to mind.

    But in the spirit of sport and the effort all athletes have put in to achieve and attend, I try to ignore the Bolitics and enjoy the sport.

    I realised last night that I am such a physical wreck if were bit younger and fitter I would be eligible for the Paralympic games, but what the hell I could do would be another issue, as an ex prop never been quick across the ground, wheel chair Rugby looks far too violent, nicknamed by some players as murder ball, (sure we used to play a game by that name as juniors?) as a brick swim well ish, used to be able to chuck a spear and lob a large steely, used to be able to shoot but DT's screwed that up.
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  8. Didn't watch any of it ... on account of "er indoors" having other ideas about what my evening was going to consist of ... namely building a spreadsheet for her charity accounts! Still liked the idea of her nipping to fetch me anoth beer while I was working on it!

    By all accounts I didn't miss a lot (other than the adverts)
  9. Agree
    I have never seen him before, in such a big venue without the close up he would have been missed
  10. Just caught the back end of the news, I think it said, people with learning difficulty can compete in the paralympic games, I'm in!
  11. Apparently was in for Australian Olympics but some cheats court faking their supposed disability, so learning difficulty competitors removed for Beijing and re-instated for London?
    One has to assume Britain can detect cheats.

    With your knackered leg you would make it in anyway?
  12. Channel 4 has just broadcast a Royal Marine demonstrating the ins-and-outs of his racing wheelchair. Did anyone catch his name?
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its a shame that ten of them have already been banned for testing positive for WD40
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  14. The ceremony was a bit dis-jointed but overall good, and a lot of work by volunteers etc. The coverage on Channel 4 is abysmal, lack of link-ups, and the presenters pretty hamstrung with the poor facilities. Not a patch on the other Olympics, a bad choice to let Channel 4 do it, never mind the pigging adverts always getting in the way.
  15. Got really hacked off last night ... wheelchair basketball was just getting interesting in the 3rd Qtr ... and now a word from our sponsors .... More wheel changes than a Grand Prix ... oh and another word from our sponsors .... Germany was cheating by fielding thugs in wheelchairs and not playing the game by getting in our guys' way and catching the ball .. yet another word from our sponsors. Nah feck it I 'm now bored so turned over for the late night porn!
  16. Looks like the BBC set a bar for outside broadcasting that CH4 can not achieve
  17. What CAN Channel 4 achieve??????????????????
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    They used to be great for nudity on TV back in the day!

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