The Ozzies are buying?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Topstop, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. sgtpepperband

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  2. Serjeant Pepper is wrong in assuming that merely Grantham has Norman roots. The Lady Thatcher would be mortified. Kesteven too has Norman attributes. To be a Mod he really must get his facts right
  3. Your attempts at humour and wordplay are stunning, maybe because you are stun??
  4. If you're serving-knowing the rum ration has finished- one can only wonder just what you are on.
  5. Planet earth, I hope your enjoying your visit and will be leaving soon.
  6. They did it

    Australia buys RFA Largs Bay for £65m - Defence Management
    Australia buys RFA Largs Bay for £65m

    06 April 2011

    The Australian government has purchased RFA Largs Bay from the UK for £65m, it has been announced.

    Australia beat competition from Brazil, Chile and India for the ship, which joined the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in December 2006 but was scrapped in the Strategic Defence and Security Review in late 2010.

    The ship has already been inspected by an Australian contractor, and will undergo sea trials before entering service with the Royal Australian Navy in 2012.

    Largs Bay will provide interim amphibious capability for the RAN before two new Canberra class ships come into service in 2014.

    Of Australia's three existing amphibious transport ships, HMAS Manoora is to be taken out of service, HMAS Kanimbla is undergoing a refit until mid-2012 and HMAS Tobruk was said to be in a poor state of repair.

    Largs Bay's cargo capacity is said to be equivalent to the entire of the Royal Australian Navy's existing amphibious fleet.
  7. dont wish to be completely out of the loop, but wtf is the largs bay....cant really tell from the piccy
  8. Thanks.............
  9. Come on down

    They are all looking forward to receiving it down here, apparently the equivalent ships they do have here are shite (sorry, poor state of repair)...maybe some of the 5000 being made redundant could come down with it....the more the merrier I say

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