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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Smiffy_the_Shipwreck, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,
    Just wanting to know if my PC in work is fcucked up, as I cant seem to load the ROMFT site. Is it my PC or is the site down?? o_O
  2. I'm having probs too mate ^_^;
  3. I am able to log in mate.
  4. Login Screen seems to be displaying okay.
    Lots of pages load, i.e. done...done...done etc
    then S.F.A.

    Probably just a smally glitch. Give it time.

  5. Yeah thats whats happening to me as well, I will try again later this afternoon, suppose I had best get some work done in the mean time....... :thumbdown:
  6. Sunday? Must be Double-Time at the very least. :thumright:
  7. Same happening with me. I thought it might be something I said about timber shifting :angel12:
  8. Well - that's me days entertainment shafted. May as well
    finish painting the f***ing kitchen before the Night Shift.

    We live such hectic, fun-filled, lives. :computer:
  9. I wish, continental 12 hr shift pattern, dont know why they call it that though, never seen any Germans or French daft enough to work their weekends!
    Fri Sat Sun days... off Mon Tues... nights Wed Thu... off Fri Sat Sun... Days Mon Tue.. off Wed Thu... Night Fri Sat Sun... Off Mon Tue... days Wed Fri Sat Sun... Nights Mon Tue... off Wed Thurs... back to days Fri Sat Sunday again.... worse than watchkeeping LOL!
  10. I do a straight 5on 5off 12hr days 11hr nights
    As for ROMFT being offline it wasnt working properly for me either, but I'm to Twickenham to watch Harlequins v Bath in an hour
  11. Nights: 1800-0800 (Sunday/Monday) Tuesday (Off)
    Days: 0800-1800 (Wednesday/Thursday)
    3 days off

    Repeat the cycle (moving along 1 day) until pensioned off/drop dead in the office.

    Been watchkeeping for 36 feckin' years. Its good to be British.
  12. Seems ROMFT has a server problem, I will try and contact the admin to see if they know whats going on
  13. No idea why some of you cannot log in as I have just been on the site once more. ZNB 1342Z
  14. I can get in all right, but cannot post as I get an error message that I have been timed out.
  15. Same here as it goes Mikh and like you, I can view posts, but unable to post myself. Strange.
  16. When I get through log in all I can see is a blank white screen.
  17. Still have no acess at all, nothing loads, just a blank screen..........
  18. I have e-mailed the Doc, not a lot else we can do now but sit back and wait and hope she is refloated soon
  19. [​IMG]

    So where the boody hell are you?? :dark1:
  20. Up and Running - the_PO_Stoker does it again

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