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There used to be an old Ivan FOXTROT alongside the Thames Barrier in London when I worked up there - I believe since it moved to Ramsgate/Margate ? Interesting tour, but couldn't quite get my head round all the crew living in the after ends, in hammocks slung on wooden bars across the mess: the galley was almost totally obstructed by part of the snort system, the only people who had their own cabins were the Skipper & the Commissar (who was only carried as ballast). If we'd only known what we were chasing, we could've saved the taxpayer a fortune by just waiting a few years to go visit the Thames Barrier................
Ahh the fuzzy Foxtrot. 3X6 and all the flutter you could ever wish for! A delight to a bit annoying after six hours mind you! Blade rates on DEMON enough to set the recorder on fire!!!!
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