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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Carrolannabelle, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. I thought id start an oscar for the most useless skill we all have as a civvie or in civvie life.

    Was thinking mine would be talking way too much or be one of those short slow walking people that always walk infront of you when your out shopping.

    Feel free to conribute your own most annoying attributes or qualitiesa or whatever. lol
  2. I'm a grumpy bastard.
  3. are you really that bad??
  4. Depends. I'm less grumpy when I have a beer in my hand, but since I've stopped drinking...
  5. Why not when ur wiv a nice woman?? beer isnt always the anwer lol
  6. Women look nicer with beer :wink:


  7. not always
  8. So what your saying is keep drinking beer so women looks good?
  9. Making shitty threads
  10. What about the most useless thing to do as a civvie is come on here in your spare time? because as far as I can see we will not get far in advising other civvies on how to join up and queries, only because we have not served in the RN.... but then I am sure you still are a civvie until you pass all the joining up bits.
  11. Go boil yer balls or sommat matt
  12. boil in the bag.... uncle matts range of boil in the bag :D
  13. You're a civvy until you pass phase 3. FACT.
  14. So there we are then, point made.
    So then Civvies will still know about joining up and training.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    8O BEHAVE!!!!!!! I'll put you over my knee & give you a good thrashing if you come out with any more statements like that.
  16. No, YOU know fcuk all, now do one.
  17. If anybody is fed up of making threads/topics or posts that have no replies or not many then give me a shout Ill boost it up with replies.
    I know lots MLP.
  18. :roll:
    My most useless attribute is responding to this fecktards posts. :oops:

    Matt's is that he hasn't got the cajones to do anything but gob off about things of which he knows nowt.
    Oh, that and do a proper job of slashing his wrists in a blur of alcohol induced self pity because he realised what a mong he is.
  19. Returning on topic.... my most useless civvy skill is..... being conscious during waking hours....... ;)

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