The only Welsh-speaking submariner in the Royal Navy?

Unless you know better:

Barry & District 23 Nov 12 said:
THE LIFE and work of an Amman Valley man believed to be the only Welsh-speaking submariner in the Royal Navy will be the subject of a 30-minute special on BBC Radio Cymru on Monday, November 26. Rob Bevan, a 42-year-old submariner from Cwmgors, had always dreamt of following family tradition by working in the old Abernant Colliery.

“But by the time I left school at 16 that had closed so I went underwater instead of underground,” he tells the programme-makers.

Rob, a 26-year Navy veteran, is among the 120-strong crew of the nuclear submarine HMSTurbulence (sic), based at Devonport...
There was 2 on Traf,they were always yabbering to each other in Welsh, one is now a civvie as I work with him, the other is still serving. There was a PO in rig yapping to his Mrs in Welsh a couple of weeks ago where I work so I'd say the article is bowlocks.
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