The one man band

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nutty, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. How many of you out there spent hours sitting at one of these. Then again how many of us are there left that played in the three man band. After Planes, Fore Plane and Wheel. ???????????????????????????????


  2. As a former virtuoso of the one man band, I take my hat off to those who worked in threes. I find it hard to understand how three men could coordinate themselves enough to keep a good depth. Obviously it could be done, but I fail to see how. Can someone explain?

    I have observed American planesmen at work, all junior rates, however they have a CPO sitting right behind them literally telling them every move to make.

    I did enjoy the freedom the OMC gave me to use my own initiative to order minor trim adjustments and to use whatever plane and rudder angle I thought best, rather than being conned onto a course, speed or depth by the OOW.

    BTW Nutty, the picture looks like the OMC in HMAS ONSLOW, a place where I spent many a happy hour! After the initial learing curve I enjoyed being a planesman, and when it came to underwater looks etc. I did like the bit of extra pressure.

    OOPS! can I say underwater look in this forum or must I now shred myself?
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Whilst doing Signalmans duties on A's, P's and O's did regular stints the on the helm and forward 'planes, later in life did my dues on the af t planes, somehow, normally it normally just worked.
  4. It was not fun doing your stint, the worst place to do this was portland or at perishers you were only too glad to get relieved and get a brew. you just hoped that the officer of the watch could get his trim right.
  5. On the OTTER helm and foreplanesman .WATCH THAT FU**ING BUBBLE .
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hmmn good dit's probably.

    Suppose you had to be there at the time for it to be amusing.

    Maybe the answer to this multi-tasking is to get a woman to do all three- fried eggs aside, it would shatter the cost of driving these Nuclear gas-guzzlers.
  7. And when you were deep u could put it in 'george' and wet the kye!!!
  8. One Man Band....Bandstand...easy mistake to make when your knackered :oops:
    The post has been shredded.
  9. ".................Nuclear gas-guzzlers."

    :?: :?: :?: - what's that all about then :?:
  10. Where has the pic gone nutty?
  11. Been there done that, two As and one O boat as bunting tosser we used to do sailors watches on the helm and planes. The one man band on the Otus was great especially when 186 ing, put the worm gear in and relax.
  12. Battery ventilation, ships ventilation not shut down, checked correct by voltage, flow meter and graph; therefore ready to snort port and starboard sides. Never sat at the OMB. :wink:
  13. By me the after planes man as I screamed bubble in the wood!!!
  14. The middle watch had settled down
    All playing chase the bubble
    but when the stern started to rise
    they knew they were in trouble.
    “We’ve lost the trim†the dabtoes wailed
    “So what can we do nextâ€
    now it was all down to the OOD and
    The stoker on the 6 valve chest


    Down in the donk shop midst the pipes
    Our hero could be found
    Tending to his valves and pump
    To send us up and down
    No ordinary stoker
    his job demands the best
    a man who knew his onions, was
    the stoker on the six valve chest.

    Not for him a lever bar
    Or a joystick yoke
    And to him an auto helm
    was a bleedin joke.
    With his trusty wheel spanner
    He put it to the test
    Pumping water here and there.
    The stoker on the six valve chest

    So you lot thought you had control
    And that you drove the boat
    But when it came to buoyancy
    You never had a hope
    He was the one who had control
    And never mind the rest
    cos he make you up and downable.
    The stoker on the 6 valve chest.
  15. Another classic UA. I really don't know why you weren't made Poet Laureate instead of Ploppy (Andrew Motion). :idea: I thought the piccy was of a really good model, then realised it was the real McCoy :oops:

    Incidentally I didn't realise boats have those modern, trendy glass fronted wine fridges. Is this to refresh the 6 wheeled Stoker after a spell on the green steering wheels? :wink: :lol:
  16. It`s all a bit indulgent Steve ……one for all the old `diesel weasels` out there.

    ps. That fridge is a pump starter box.

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