The Omen - 6.6.06

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 6, 2006.

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  1. The remake of the original Omen is due for release in the Cinemas on the 6.6.06!




    So what did you think of the original movie and how do you think the remake will be?

    The original film gave me the creeps, the boy and his mad dog are back! Think I'lll be watching this from behind my sofa! I have enough problems with hearing things go 'bump in the night', might need to employ a Jack Russel to keep me safe! God knows my cat is mad enough, little sod has taken to chewing on my arm!
  2. At the time, the original was scary as f~ck.
  3. Sorry jd never saw this film so cant comment.........however my scariest film was nightmare on elm street. Watched it on peacock whilst in dry dock in hk, there was only the duty watch onboard(4 of us), part way through the film (we were cacking ourselves) all the power went off and we cacked ourselves even more................
  4. It was a scary film as a youngster, the sequels got gradually less scary but more gory. Which film had the chap being cut in half by the lift cable?
  5. Not sure.

    Though going on general vibes recently, remakes are never as good as the original, and I doubt this one's going to be any different. Also, CGI tends to make people cheat - rather than really thinking through a clever and sneaky way of doing a really scary scene, they just use the CGI to make some ubermonster/scary thing happen and lose all the power of the original effect.
  6. Second one, the one where hes in boarding school, and the one where the woman gets attacked by those bloody vulctures! (or vulcture)
  7. Anyone remember the TV Movie of Salems Lot with James Mason & David Soul? Those bl00dy child vampires floating outside the window scared the bejeezus out of me back then.........(still do as a matter of fact!)
  8. I like the decapitation by a sheet of glass.

    Full credit for original thinking there.
  9. What's a bit more disturbing is that one of the crew, a cameraman I think, WAS decapitated a few days after this was filmed, which serious unnerved the whole team. Then there is the graveyard scene with the dogs attacking: the dogs really did go wild... Creepy...
  10. The original scared the hell out of me too. I've seen the trailer for the remake and the kid on the swing just doesn't seem to have the same air of evil menace about him. :twisted: ? :roll:

    Might just stay in bed all day on the 6th just in case though ... :wink:
  11. Why is it if you have toothache some dick is ripping out teeth in a horror movie. Or if you are flying out tomorrow some aircraft disaster movie is on.

    I remember "THE NIGHT OF THE DEEP HEAT" I was only ten all those giant insects trying to get in the house. I shit blue lights. Next day in the garden these giant Hawkshead moths appeared never seen them before it's a sign it's a sign "Don't panic Capt Mannering" came to mind as I ran to tell grandad.

    Barbara Shelley and Ingrid Pitt as vampires I left my window open for weeks after watching those pair but all I got was shitty moths!!!
  12. Why do they have to do remakes, no one in that industry clever enough to come up with something original!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Urban Myth time..
    A lot of famous horror films have legends similar to that one!
  14. Grefs - perhaps they're taking the Charles H. Duell too literally. In 1899 when holding the office of Patent Commissioner he reportedly announced that "everything that can be invented has been invented."

    Backpacker1uk - Great expression "$hitting blue lights". Not come across that one before. :lol:
  15. You know the last film in the trilogy of 'PolterGiest' or what ever it was called, they had to get one of those native american indian doctor people to go in a clear the set. What they thought was stage prop skeletons turned out to actually be real skeletons, apparently the 'undead' where not so kind to the crew.

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