The Olver Family..........Plymouth's Finest

Their brief states in mitigation that they had no idea that this behaviour was "abhorent". Jesus wept what a family, sterilise the cnuts now before they have anymore!!
Well I met a lovely lovely person from Plymouth a week ago today - and her family (Josiecats in case you wondered). I didn't have to fight either just eat a plate of delicious chicken salad and the largest and tastiest piece of home made lemon pie I've ever eaten.

Mmmm big hugs all round - 8) 8) 8)

yum! yum!

p.s. can I come again please? :lol:
"charectur... karaktor.... karreter... makes em betters, dunnit"

These people should've been sterilised and put in seperate prisons scattered around Britian for 10 years in my opinion. The worst kind of scum.
It is clearly Jacks fault. Matelots, traditionally, are meant to be in there mixing up the "gene pool" - this does not appear to have happened here, resulting in a bunch of amoeba's (who as stated above should have been banned from breeding). You only have to wander around Guzz city centre and see the number of "inbreds" wandering the streets, as well as those who have clearly overdosed on "ugly pills". Sign of the times I suppose, not enough matelots, not enough genes being spread around - perhaps a bit of ethnic cleansing is called for.
You haven't worked for the Serbs, have you? :D
I agree that walking around Guzz is sometimes better than a visit to Paignton Zoo, but even Matelots have SOME standards, and some of the dross in Guzz falls below even that!

These "women" fall into the same category as paedophiles in my book. Its all child abuse (although I accept not of a sexual nature) and they should be treated accordingly. Place those poor kids with families that will accept, love and nurture them.
This is one of the most abhorrant, disgusting, fecking appalling things I have seen reported. I am not very tall or strong, but put these 4 fecking wastes of ovaries in a room with me, I'll sandpaper their tattoos off at high speed, shove their fags down their throats and rip their bloody heads off!!!!! Ok back to my knitting and cup of tea.
This is why we need to turn part of Dartmoor into a trailer park!! (Fenced off of course).

A: To keep the trash together, and
B: So that Plymouth itself will be quite a nice place to live.
Lamri said:
This is why we need to turn part of Dartmoor into a trailer park!! (Fenced off of course).

A: To keep the trash together, and
B: So that Plymouth itself will be quite a nice place to live.
This thing gets worse. They are from Swilley [no surprise there] but the kids father was away on duty with the Army in Iraq. He came back on leave, found the video and immediately went to the police.

This lad and his family have been given custody of the children and the paternal grandparents have given one of the most dignified statements I have ever read about what happened and what they now intend for the kids.

I am seething that the bloody judge didn't lock the grandmother and the rest of this coven up.

aussiepint said:
Copy that Bergs!! 12 month suspended sentence??? Fecking joke!!
In this case Pinta I think that a suspended sentence was entirely appropriate.

It's just that they should have been suspended 6 feet in height by lengths of 1 inch manilla.

I went back to Plymouth for the first time in 20yrs or so recently.
Boy oh boy what a shock!
Granted it was a cold and wet Friday night but do me a favour, what has happened?
It seems to be a speed camera heaven full of drunks and down and outs, so scruffy and down at heel.
Ok so the new area around the old part of town is there but it looks like any other town which has had the same treatment.
I stayed the night at the Holiday Inn as I am a frequent client and expected it to be up to the normal standard, it wasn't.
The manager said sheepishly that this was Plymouth and not to be surprised.
I'm a born and bread pointy-headed Plymothian, a father and also a serving CPO, and join the rest of the right-thinking world in condemning the four despicable women who encouraged their toddlers to fight whilst videoing them. I first saw Plymouth Crown Court in the background on a national news article, and assumed that the story wouldn't be good news, but what these women did doesn't exactly portray Plymouth and its residents in a good light does it...?!

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