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Once again we reach that time of year when Good and Bad CO dip into their (very deep) pockets and find some loose change to offer as prizes in the much loved Annual Arrse/Rum Ration/Rear Party Christmas Draw.

The draw is open to members of the three sites only and a valid username is required when entering as well as naming and shaming the Site you normally stalk!

The prizes will once again be Amazon Vouchers to the value of:

First Prize = £100

Second Prize = £40

Third Prize = £20

Entry form for the competition can be found here: Grand Christmas Draw

The competition will run until Sunday 27th December at around sober time. Prizes will be sent out by the COs when they surface!
Bad CO
Ageing Gracefully
I'd like to thank good and bad CO for their usual seasonal generosity in providing this magnificent prize, and I promise to spend the prize fund sensibly (after deducting their "commission" of course) once I receive it.
Message sent ...... going deep;)
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