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Always_a_Civvy said:
Well so far 100% of DQ inmates have been TAS ratings. Could it be anything to do with being anti-submarine torpedo suckers? :?

Maybe so, however, it was all part of a cunning plan :twisted:
How tough was it in DQ's?
During my time (1964-75) I remember a few guys getting sent there, but never encountered their stories on release.
Rumour has it that it was a training ground for vicious RPO's, kit musters, spit and polish, and doubling with a 303?
What was the routine? There must have been some fun and black humour?

When I went in, I was the proverbial sack of shit. Twenty-eight days later, I was more or less super-fit, had stopped smoking, as one after lunch and your last after supper, did not appeal. Learned a whole new lot of respect. And was quite prepared to knuckle under until the second time. As a residevist (?) it was a lot worse, as it was assumed I should have known better.
It's always the same when I think about my time in the Navy, all the good laughs with mates on a run ashore, all the good trips to foreign places, getting the leg over the odd SA (Not Stores Accountant). Can't ever remember the bad times.....if any. There was never any violence in Deeks and the Screws, I heard, were just to old to go to sea, but signed MOD contracts to "Soldier" on in uniform. Could have been worse I suppose. I was once threatened with Colchester.
But as I said before .......... it was all part of my cunning plan :evil:
Answer to your question Harry yes it was a sod in 1968 but you kept your mouth shut,got on with it and done it on your head.Yes the marine instructors were sadists and doubling around the parade ground with a 303 crashing against your collarbone was extremly painful.Mate,even your boot laces were spit and polished.The word that was used instead of picking okum was YOUR TASK;it made your fingers sore and they bled.Hardships,you dont now what hardships are.
I sighned up at RUMRATION today for a reason;I was NOT GUILTY of the offence that i was put in there for (nor any other).there is only two people that know this,myself and the then Provost Marshal of Portsmouth,Sub Leutenant D-----g.Before he came along i loved the mob,not anchor faced you undestand,just really enjoyed it.Well that finished it for me but my question is;how is it that one ******** like him can be put in a position to mess my life up and probably many others for all i know?Goodluck Harry.Ramon.
Never been in thank God from what I've heard.Had a good laugh at one chancer from the Chichester whilst I was on her though.Now I could be mistaken about the wherefrom but I do know he escaped from DQ's and then pinched the C& C's yacht from the harbour.Got caught later though but we did admire him for that.
Time and ship are hazy but I will always remember that chap.
Welcome to the forum ……here`s something I wrote a while back……will perhaps bring back a few memories for some……


Long ago and far away
While working for the Queen
I thought I`d have a spot of leave
So left my submarine.

The crushers came to get me
In the middle of the night
An as they caught me on the job
they didn`t get a fight.

They marched me off to Pompey
And put me in a cell
I asked them what was going on
but they wouldn’t tell

I’d just barely settled in
when I got the news
that I`been charged and weighed off,
with 60 days D Q`s

Next morning bright and early
My kitbag on my back
I marched in through the gates of hell
There was no turning back.

First I met a nice GI
who showed me to my cell
I asked him where the toilets where
He said “just ring the bellâ€

All day long we rushed about
or sorted out our kit
The grub was bloody awful
But I was getting fit

Up at 6 each morning
Our routine seemed to be
PT first, then marching,
some marching, then PT

Then after that we had a task
There was no time to mope
We had to unpick oakum
And make it into rope,

With bacon on a Wednesday
That was our only meat.
And now and then tomatoes
Was a special treat.

Before you knew my time was up
And so they sent me home
But no kit fitted any more
I was all skin and bone

“Where you been†said her indoors
giving me a kiss.
“You’re looking bloody awful,
Have you been on the pissâ

Like some of the other's replying in here, I only did a stint or two of No.9's and that was more than enough to keep me out of trouble afterward, what with iron-back Marine captains as duty officers, However once while working in the RPO's office at an RNAS Prestwick I did get assigned to escort a prisoner down to DQ's by train and that turned out to be a nightmare because the other two were great mates of his and the three of them wound up getting totally legless on the journey, then at London when we changed trains the other escort buggered off somewher leaving me with the prisoner and completely missed the train. I naturallly had visions of finding myself banged up in DQ's until the whole thing was sorted out by the provost, but luckiny they managed to catch a faster train that caught up with us about halfway to Pompie and evrything was ok. Mind you we were all highly anxious on arrival and even going inside the Provost's office was an extremely intididating experience, despite the reg staff all being rather friendly during the official handover, so it was a huge relief for us to get out again and be ferried back to the station to catch our train for the return journey.

I don't know if any of you saw the film "Last patrol" in the 70's, but the situation was uncaniliy similar and could almost have formed the same story.

Bye now, I hope you found this amusing.
Bin there, done that, sold the t-shirt to a crabfat (for wrecking the bridge of Exmouth in dry-dock at Chatham.

Had to shave me set off and still remember collecting a razor every morning and handing it back stripped and cleaned afterwards.
I don't know if any of you saw the film "Last patrol" in the 70's, but the situation was uncaniliy similar and could almost have formed the same story.

The movie is 'The Last Detail' starring Jack Nicholson. You are right shippers, sounds like they based the film on you! Sue the b*st*rds! You can get it on DVD for pennies, I mentioned it on the 'fave Jack films' thread as a great film.
Can remember being detailed off after a commish in the Far East, to escort a soldier [who had been on the run in Australia for a year and only got caught because he was on the boxing booth circuit and was so good that some boxing stable wanted to sign him on], whose name was Spider Kelly, from Singapore on a trooping flight back to UK. A curtained area was provided for just he and I and it was a great flight back. [can even remember the date 31/12/65] Not only that, first off the flight and straight through customs and where I handed him over to the Naval Patrolmen and asked if I could jump in the tilly as I was going to Pompey as well. Dropped me off in Cosham. What I never understood was why he did his time in RNDQ's [presumably] ? He was a member of 29 Commando who were Royal Artillery.
When I did 28 days in 1962, we had to polish everything - even the dustbins inside and out. You were not allowed to speak to any other 'Guest' and polishing dust bins was a rare opportunity to both get your head inside and have a quick whisper. I got caught.

Tiny: "43 - Come here!!!" I did so at the double. I stood erect to attention at my full height of 5 ft 4 ins And My eye line was around the level of Tiny's white belt.

"43 - You were talking !!!. boomed Tiny. "No sir!" I replied.

"Are you calling me a liar 43? !!" bellowed Tiny.

"No sir, I'm suggesting that you are mistaken" said I.

I thought he was going to explode. He stood there speechless, went several different shades of purple, then finally recovered his composure and, almost quietly, "Carry on 43".

Remember "Up behind your doors - stand by to appear with your plate!" ? And polishing the inside of your boot polish tin to make mirror to watch for a movement at the spy hole in the door?

I had an eventful time in there, but looking back, I don't regret the experience, or hold any grudges. It was all part of being in the Andrew, and as we used to say, "If you can't take joke, you shouldn't have joined!" 'Mindyer fingers stokes! - bang'

Centaur Stokes

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