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Lantern Swinger
Any bad lads out there remember the "Screamin-Skull" or the boottie clour sargeant with the broken nose ...1974 - 75ish :twisted:


The screanin skull, what a twat. Did'nt think he would ever die. Three stints in DQ's and the twat was there every time.


I didnt have the misfortune to meet the Screaming Skull but did meet his predecessor Tiny who was the Bootie in charge in the 60s


YOU were in DQs because unlike the rest of us you under performed ??? THANKS HEAVENS FOR PEOPLE LIKE THE SCREAMING SKULL bless him ??? This could be a wind up ????

Deleted 7

Percy, enough of it! Otherwise I will start chopping your posts for you :wink:


Tiny was in charge there in 1954, I was in there for absence without leave.
I was fed up with the Navy, however after a couple of trips on a trawler out of Dublin I decided that I was better off in the mob, so I came back on my own accord.
Jenny_Dabber said:
Percy, enough of it! Otherwise I will start chopping your posts for you :wink:

Chopping your posts? I don't like the sound of that. It sounds too violent, bloody and sadistic to me! 8O

andym said:
Just smack him in the Gob jen!

Now, now, no need for violence. A slap on the wrist and a soapy mouthwash will do the trick much better :twisted:

You cruel people. I'm almost feeling sympathy for the Rev.Mark Sharpe... but only almost!


We didn't pick oakum in DQs. That was a task which you did in cells either on a ship or in a shore establishment. The task we did in DQs was to make continuous 8 stranded flat sennet to be sewn up into door mats. I can still remember my cell number: 95 at the far end top deck
I remember decommissioning the Maidstone in 1958 at Portsmouth .

We had a artic trailer on the jetty for offloading all the spare mooring ropes and any other rope . It took us about a day getting this stuff on the trailer -about ten of us fighting 8 inch manila etc etc
Next day five of us were detailed to go with the lorry to unload it --at the RNDQ 's

On arrival we had to evacuate the lorry and it drove into the DQ's and we waited for it .
Never finished a ciggy and the lorry was back out empty not a strand of rope to be seen----- spotless.

Fcuking impressed ----------


Lantern Swinger
Always_a_Civvy said:
Well so far 100% of DQ inmates have been TAS ratings. Could it be anything to do with being anti-submarine torpedo suckers? :?

Maybe so, however, it was all part of a cunning plan :twisted:


How tough was it in DQ's?
During my time (1964-75) I remember a few guys getting sent there, but never encountered their stories on release.
Rumour has it that it was a training ground for vicious RPO's, kit musters, spit and polish, and doubling with a 303?
What was the routine? There must have been some fun and black humour?



Lantern Swinger
When I went in, I was the proverbial sack of shit. Twenty-eight days later, I was more or less super-fit, had stopped smoking, as one after lunch and your last after supper, did not appeal. Learned a whole new lot of respect. And was quite prepared to knuckle under until the second time. As a residevist (?) it was a lot worse, as it was assumed I should have known better.
It's always the same when I think about my time in the Navy, all the good laughs with mates on a run ashore, all the good trips to foreign places, getting the leg over the odd SA (Not Stores Accountant). Can't ever remember the bad times.....if any. There was never any violence in Deeks and the Screws, I heard, were just to old to go to sea, but signed MOD contracts to "Soldier" on in uniform. Could have been worse I suppose. I was once threatened with Colchester.
But as I said before .......... it was all part of my cunning plan :evil:


Answer to your question Harry yes it was a sod in 1968 but you kept your mouth shut,got on with it and done it on your head.Yes the marine instructors were sadists and doubling around the parade ground with a 303 crashing against your collarbone was extremly painful.Mate,even your boot laces were spit and polished.The word that was used instead of picking okum was YOUR TASK;it made your fingers sore and they bled.Hardships,you dont now what hardships are.
I sighned up at RUMRATION today for a reason;I was NOT GUILTY of the offence that i was put in there for (nor any other).there is only two people that know this,myself and the then Provost Marshal of Portsmouth,Sub Leutenant D-----g.Before he came along i loved the mob,not anchor faced you undestand,just really enjoyed it.Well that finished it for me but my question is;how is it that one ******** like him can be put in a position to mess my life up and probably many others for all i know?Goodluck Harry.Ramon.


War Hero
Never been in thank God from what I've heard.Had a good laugh at one chancer from the Chichester whilst I was on her though.Now I could be mistaken about the wherefrom but I do know he escaped from DQ's and then pinched the C& C's yacht from the harbour.Got caught later though but we did admire him for that.
Time and ship are hazy but I will always remember that chap.
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