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How it was .. Vic, 1960 (Scimitars/Sea Venoms etc). Part 2 to be had from the icons at the end of pt 1: - Floating Fortress HMS Victorious Aircraft Carrier. 1960.Part 1 of 2.

Eagle, slightly later (Sea Vixen FAW2 & Buc 1 & Gannet AEW & Wessex) Narrated in English this time by Ludo Kennedy who was an RNVR officer in WW2 & served in a Tribal on the Bismarck chase (& whose father was lost in the Rawalpindi): - Warship Eagle 1966 Part 1 of 3 Documentary. (BBC, b/w)
.. parts 2 & 3 to be had from the icons at the end of pt 1.

The salty taste in your beer is from the tears falling into it.
I become overwhelmed with gratitude every time I see an aircraft carrier.
I'm grateful I never got to serve in one.
Still great footage there seaweed, I could feel the ship roll a bit, and the lights definitely did swing.
Seen both of those videos via youtube...Very interesting to see the difference in how things are done in the RN vs. USN. Many things are similar, but also vast differences. The mess system used in the RN is one of the big differences as far as lower deck berthing is concerned. Also, the pace and intensity in flight deck operations appears to be at a much lower level in the RN, but the US has bigger carriers and a larger number of different aircraft types which really complicates things. I also think that the officers seem to look out a bit more for the average sailors in the RN as well. No better or worse, just different way of doing a similar job.

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