The old D118 HMS Battleaxe

Discussion in 'History' started by Handler, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Anyone connected with the old Battleaxe ( D118 ) I came across this picture, when she was in company with the Victorious. D118 Planequard.jpg
  2. Compact and bijou Destroyers and a sort of trial run for the original Darings. My old sea cadet unit was TS Scorpion so I took a bit of an interest in them.
  3. I think she was one of our escorts, 1961 or thereabouts, and was scrapped a couple of years later. Of course the D118 was given to HMS Coventry of the Falklands fame.
  4. Seaweed

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    HMS Scorpion. NB MRS6[?] director as against CRBFD on Battleaxe. This pic is from 1952, before Scorpion's radar picket conversion.
  5. My first ship was her sister - Crossbow - [​IMG]
  6. Battleaxe now.

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