The Old Bill

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bigbaddog, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Morning,
    In the life after diesel-drinking, Hooley-Bar wrecking, Skimmer-Bashin'
    negative-washing, one pair of socks and nicks wearing, sun-dodging,
    swamp-donkey bonkin' , hot-bunking and self-abusing - how many
    (ex) submariners became (or still are) fine upstanding pillars
    of the community i.e. rozzers/scuffers/old bill etc ? . Did you
    see the light?
  2. I am now in the army and have been for 10 years or so,do I count?
  3. ...and or, Trumpton, Ambulance Service and for those who got captured,
    Prisoners Of Her Majesty.
  4. You went from Navy to Army? That's unusual???
  5. I doubt it Deeps with a thought pattern like that, but I will show you

    One, two, three, four, five

    Thats enough for this week next week we can do the next five.

  6. NO!

  7. Yup, Souf Lunnun's Finest Filth. I did not see any light, it was a well paid job for a L/S RP2 not qualified for much else except rigger. Fank Feck I got out a few years ago before PC seriously set in and my ex-DI the Head Wizard of PC became the Commisioner.

  8. First post, and a timely thread for me.

    I'm in the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and I have 12 years service. Was once a good career, now I'm not so sure :neutral:

    I am considering (seriously) joining the Royal Navy, and I am interested in particular in the submarine service, as a rating.

    My only slight problem being, I'm 34. The Royal Navy website tells me that they recruit up to 36. But in practice, would I be laughed out of the careers office ?

    Could I carry over my pension ? What are opportunities like for chef's in the submarine service ?

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank You.
  9. Re: Joining up at 34 - It would probably be a good idea to check out
    your nearest recruiting office about this - and as for being a cooky-boy
    on boats - if you don't burn stuff.....and love working in a 6 foot
    square metal box sweating yer bo**ocks off - watching every
    pot/pan/dish/fanny/plate/knife/fork/spoon take on a life of its
    own when the skipper decides to do "Angles & Dangles", then
    go for it matey!
    Chefs Motto: "When they're brown - turn 'em round, when they're
    black - give 'em Jack!"
  10. Leave your pension with the police service mate....

    Dont think about joining up, do it....
  11. If you want to be a Submarine Chef, good luck to you. Is a Feckin hard job. People are always dripping at you, about 10%, if you are lucky, say thanks for the scran. The ingredients are shite most of the time, no fresh produce, crap meat.... etc. Ontop of this you could be turning out 160 meals 3 times a day, plus soup at 1AM watch change. The thing about angles and dangles is true, as is the fact that whenver the ventilation is stopped you die in the Galley.. The tempreature regularly went above 40C.. and the chefs were sweating. Reactor Scram 1 hour before SCRAN and then the MEO still drips when food isnt served on time!!

    But. It is a great job. The Killlick runs the Galley, the POCA and Pusser just let him crack on if he is good... and kick his arse if he is shite! But you must be able to learn, and quickly, stick up for yourself, and tell the greedy pie eating Senior Rates to **** off!! Always a perk. Just dont piss off the CO/XO/LO. Keep them happy and life is easy!
  12. Still miss the RN, but the army is a good laugh and we are not as thick as people make out.
  13. Deeps

    Do we take that as an admission that you are thick just not as thick as people think????????????

    OK if you think you can manage it. six, seven, eight, nine , ten

  14. Even a magistrate for my sins. Hang-em-High let-en-swing me hearties!
  15. Thanks for the advice fellas.
  16. An easy Lay or proper Stipe?
  17. This isn't Diamond Lil's Rickeee... please discuss your sexual perversions elsewhere! :wink: :grin: :lol: SM = submarine NOT S&M!!! :eek:

    Also why do Magistrates have to be strate?

    Now talking about asphixiation, suspenders and oranges in mouths...

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