The Oggie Wars begin.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. The traditional pasty was crimped so the miners didn't the toxic stuff on their hands onto the main pasty itself.

    They did throw it away as well. Not sure which Cornish miners he was linked to but that's what did down my part of Cornwall

    One end of the pasty was a savory end the other was a sweet end.

    The long line of Cornish Miners couldn't be that long if they didn't throw away the crust they would've become ill from the Arsenic on their hands etc
  2. It doesn't mention the type of pastry, either. So often the stuff sold in my end of Westoland is in a very nancy puff (no pun intended) pastry. Also, what the hell is "D shape"? The side crimped Ginster pasty is D shape viewed in plan but the ones crimped on top, like Uglow's were, are D shaped viewed beam on.
  3. Does the Pen & Quill in Truro still make those enormous [and excellent] pasties that hung over the side of the plate? Is the P&Q still there even?
  4. I have my doubts that the EU will agree to the protection of the "Cornish Pasty". With something like Stilton cheese or Melton Mowbray pork pies there is very little argument as to what the thing is and how it should be produced. There is so much argument about what is an oggy, especially in the county (sorry! Duchy!) that if even locals don't agree, how can the EU give the item protection? A simple example is the inclusion of what the Cornish call "turnip" which is in fact swede. When you ask them "what then is this white thing called turnip?", they say "swede"! I live here as an emmet of 26 years, so don't set the Viet Corn onto Me, please!
  5. The crusts were left for the knockers [according to legend] and the pasty had an internal bulkhead to separate the jam from the tiddy [sort of early damage control system] :thumright:

    Cousin Jan over in Guz refined the oggie by the addition of a brown paper bag. Fat female janners can now be seen strolling along Cornwall Street munching on a soggy and tattered piece of brown paper mumbling jannerisms like " 'Ere oi ain't got nonnadey moi 'ansome" as they look for the fabled pieces of meat that are rumoured to be sometimes accidentally added by Ivor & Ron. :bball:

  6. See the legend they tell down West Cornwall is the crusts is given to the Cornish Piskey.

    The Cornish piskey, of course, is legend, but much less is generally known about those other faery people, the spriggans, knockers and Small People.

    As for the Pen and Quill I've never heard of it in Truro I know of the Wig and Pen but out of the 24 years I've lived down here never heard of of the Pen and Quill.

    You can still buy the stupidly huge pasties I've seen one for sale in Falmouth and Hayle for around £20.

    Pasty Pie is an ansum meal
  7. I worked at Ginsters on weekends and during my school holidays back in '72, b4 joining up at [email protected]#*&S. The old dears taught me how to crimp etc. The old floor was compacted mud with stones in it and when you wheeled the meal trolley along it was a right bugger, I can tell 'e.

    Only get a pasty every now n then when we fly back to see the old dears. We always called it a pasty ,not an oggie. Dunno why. But the secret I liked was plenty of pepper and yes we ate it on a plate, with Daddies sauce.
  8. Sooner have a "Greggs" Cheese and onion one.

    And I was at Culdrose for 4 years!! Never did like "real", cornish pasties.

    Maybe because i'm from oop north (Well North West)
  9. They call them clangers in Norfolk or so I'm told by them what has their arms coming out of their ears!
  10. ?

    i thought it was the knokers you gave the crust to, to prevent them from causing havoc and damage amongst the miners..

    Cant beat a Horse and Jockey Pasty.. mmm im gonna have one 2moz i think :D
  11. .........With a pint of milk at ** passing / staggering through yon dockyard gates down Guzz way.
  12. I think it depends on which part of Cornwall and who's telling the myths.

    I've always known Piskey's down my way as knockers were breasts lol

    But the prevention of causing is havoc and damage is pretty much the same be it Piskey's, Knockers or whatever.
  13. And very shortly afterwards leaving a Dockyard omelette on the jetty for passers-by to admire!
  14. Wot me chief! No never, always used basin full of water.
  15. Sorry Tommo, you are right .... memory and all that it was the Wig and Pen.
  16. An old Cornish oppo once told me that really oggies didnt have carrots in them.
    Is this true or just another Cornish myth like King Arthur living in Saltash?
  17. We was in Cornwall last year and got a pastie(oggie) From a well known shop at the lizard £3.50. Dog meat ....Yuk... :pukel:
  18. King Arthur DID live at Saltash, which is where you'll find the authentic round table, not that copy they made later..... ;)
  19. yeah wig and pen still there

    King Arthur lived at Tintagel not Saltash

    As for 3.50 for pasty down the lizard you were ripped off. Large pasties normally cost around £2.50 and they're huge.

    Correct no Carrots in a traditional pasty.

    Beef, Swede, Potato, Onion.

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