The Official ARRSE Guide to the British Army by Major Des Astor

The must-have book of the year! First edition selling out rapidly (or would do if Amazon got their stock sorted!). This may be your only chance of getting your grubby paws on this fine, upstanding, academically acclaimed, thought-provoking and seminal book (a cheque would be fine Major DA).

To get your copy, just go to the Survey Monkey entry form and complete the simple questions.

The book has been reviewed by Captain Crusty and that can be found here. There is no truth in the rumour that Captain C is using this as his thesis for his promotion exams (again!).


The competition will run until Sunday 26[SUP]th[/SUP] November around mid-day and there are 5 copies kindly donated by Major Des Astor and Transworld Publishers.


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The winners are:

Gubmint Agent

I will be emailing each of them for their name and address to get the books sent out.

Answers are

Q1 The Loamshire Regiment

Q2 Holidays for Heroes (which as has been pointed out is not a charity but is indeed a not-for-profit-company.)

Q3 Mr Mushroom Head - Not Mr Potato Head who was made redundant some time ago, an early SDSR victim (very early!)
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