The number of ships in ACTIVE duty

Define available? does that mean R0, R1, R2, R3 or R4?

Is 48hrs notice to move not available enough for the Telegraph?
1st rule of journalism.

The truth doesn't come into the equation.

The press can juggle data better that a circus act.
Lamri said:
ex_rubberdagger said:
Ah yes like when Lima Coy 42 CDO were known as the "black knights".

Sloppy journalism again!!
Yeah, especially when they're actually known as the "Black Tights" :D
Hum i seem to remember it Being "KLM's gonna rock yer as in the KLF song but hey what would i know!! :thumright:
Lamri said:
ex_rubberdagger said:
Lamri said:
ex_rubberdagger said:
Lamri said:
Ok that went right over your head there, didn't it.
Erm no. I just rose above it :thumright:
Thought you'd ducked below it ;)
Dash Down Crawl Roll Sights Observe Fire :thumright:
Now you've got me trying to trawl through my memory!
Shouldn't take too long then :thumright:
ex_rubberdagger said:
Lamri said:
Come back NB!
I was just getting warmed up!
Fnarr fnarr. :thumright: Hmm don't seem to remember you mentioning you wore a green lid though eh!! RN the soft option was it!!
Never wore a green lid mate as (I've posted on here loads of times), as my knee gave up at CTC during recruit training due to playing far too much rugby at a relatively high level. The RN wasn't so much the "easy" option as the "only" option because there was no way I was going to join the Crabs or Pongos :)
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