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A man (?) with a mission all those 2 and a 1/2ers must go!! Plus (In Higs broad brogue, think of Pvt Fraser in Dads Army) "He owes us photos of his wee niece ye ken!"


War Hero
Norman is:

Easy to identify.

Out of date.

Ill informed/uninformed.





Not nearly as good at English grammar and spelling and arithmetic as he thinks he is. In fact he's (in old money so he understands) a NAMET 9/9

Walt (he's wrong so often-or is that so often wrong norm?)

A pain in the arrse.

A broken record.

An otherwise regular member who is an outstanding wind up merchant, yet to declare/be unmasked.

Banned (maybe not this time-2SL wants a stay of execution-he told me.)
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