The noble art of whoring



Can't divulge such things but safe to say there's not a lot that would shock any of us
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Hi Florence, we haven't been properly introduced yet, they call me 2 Deck and I'm kind of a big deal round here.

Anyway, don't go on a picnic with Blackrat, he makes gash sandwiches and his taste in wine is highly questionable.

Hope you like it here, if you fancy sending me a phot of your axe wound please direct it to my private secretary Rumrat.



hi 2 deck, how nice of you to introduce yourself in such a lovely manner, and what a kind offer but i think i'll have to say no on this occasion
And once you've done that you can tell us how the hell you found this site. I'd love to know what the Google search term you used was.


Lantern Swinger
Back on thread:
All mine have been bad experiences.
From the blacks in Mombassa who scarred me for life to the sweet little thing in Bangkok who started snoring whilst I was going to town on her.
I guess she had been working a tad too hard.
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Southsea. Went home with a swamp-donkey this one time. She should've been a
whore because the one thing I remember about the event is seeing a bit of paper
cellotaped to her council flat front door which read:


She also owned a glass-topped coffee table with no glass in it which was
a bit odd and she had hair like Art Garfunkel. Why do we do these things?

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Lantern Swinger
My best one - Bangkok or Pattaya a few years ago, went out around lunchtime and by mid afternoon me and oppo fairly pissed, with him still hungover from night before. I drag him down soi 10 into this whore bar, with two pretty young things sitting on our laps. I decide to inspect the goods prior to payment, and discovered all was well. I had a sneaky suspicion things were not all well with oppo's thing, but decided to crack on and leave him to it. So i go upstairs for some short time lovin', into what looks like a carebear's bedroom, and start having my way with the wench. So wench decides to give me a ring dhobi, and at that moment oppo walks into the room. Que awkwardness. Anyway, he ended up getting sucked off by a bloke so we never mentioned the fact that a whore licked my bum.
Ashore with my seadad TC aka the JB stallion, JB…Johore Barhu the married patch in Singers, he would nip off when off watch in a AFM or DMF and shag his reliefs missis or any other . We had cottoned onto this yank and as soon as he started to flash his wallet a whore latched onto him.
Up to her place and the yank got aboard with TC poised, soon as the yank rolled off TC was in, Yank went berserk, ‘’ Yer dirty bastad.. dirty bastad, beating TC in the back, obvious TC was not gonna give up till he had finished so Yank dressed and fooked off, I never got sloppy thirds as she wanted more dosh, bugger.
My first was in the Black Angus in Peuto Rico, returning from the Falklands War and it was bloody awful. Everytime I was nearing my vinegar stroke she'd smack my arse and shout ain't you come yet, Suuny?

Still, like anything worthwhile, I worked at it and my best experience was in Cambodia, just outside of Phnom Phen, '97 and before the coup. Me and this old mexican geezer (looked like Carlos Santanna) found this village consisting of two streets of shop houses all full of whores mostly from Vietnam! Some real beauties.

They had a few cheap restaurants where the girls would eat and we just hung out there watching life go by while selecting the top totty - 5 bucks a plus an extra dollar for a party hat! Money well spent, or what?

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