The nice Lawyers at the MOD !!!!! V The War Veterans

Succesive governments have been dragging their heels for years on this one and as granny says in the hope that they will all soon be dead, what a bunch of bastards.


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It should send a signal to all those still serving that your govt (of whichever colour) thinks fcuk all of you.
Get out of it what you can, and never feel guilty/shamed/a sense of duty into doing anything you feel uncertain of.
In those days it was just do as your told --no thoughts of future consequences . Mind you nobody knew any better anyway
to say don't --atomic warfare and its beginnings.

Mind you I remember being offered a couple of weeks at the chemical warfare place for an extra two weeks leave .
Open to all three services to test ways of treating the common cold/flu [that was the words on the label anyway]

That was not very true either -

As the old saying goes --never volunteer



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A mate of mine went to Porton Down and took some pills. He now has two cocks. That certainly breaks the ice at parties.
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