The News- Senior Officers Letter reveals low morale

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shackles_and_Flags, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. So I have gathered from this letter, that the author is a CO, with a ship at sea any guess's?
  2. Why does it matter at all who he is - he is right.
  3. Bloody Hell!!!! A 'Senior Officer' speaking up while still a) Serving and b) In post.

    Very well done him and a big BZ. Only hope some other 'Senior Officers' and politicians read, inwardly digest and support - not that I'm suggesting a bun run mutiny of course! :oops:
  4. cant see any of it getting through the fluff that fills Osbournes head. That moron will never learn. Or Davey Boy
  5. It doesnt matter, were just pointing out that he is brave enough to speak out on the subject whilst serving. I can imagine a few people will be currently trying to find out who he is at the minute.
  6. If that's from a CO, then we're really fukked, either he wrote it when he was pissed or he failed his English GCSE.

    The "investment in defence is a no-brainer" yep that's straight from the BRNC book of service writing.

    " we might get made redundant get? ?fecking get? "be" surely.

    "we live and breathe that sort of stuff every day."...Nah!!!

    I reckon some bored matelot has sent this in using the CO's headed paper.
  7. He probably got his Killick Steward to write it for him.
  8. In journo speak, officer = killick and above, senior = PO and above.
  9. Whoever the 'Senior Officer' is, I feel this letter generally sum's up what morale is like in the fleet. Lately I have lost count of the times I have bumped in to old shipmates in the dockyard or via farcebook. And all we talk about are the latest buzzes that we have heard with regards to redundancies, what ships will or won't be scraped.
    I for one do not believe in the buzzes that are circulating the fleet at the moment. And until it is announced later this month we shall never know.

    However the buzzes I have heard with regards to SDR are as follows’ these are not gospel!
    • The redundancy package offered to the RN will consist of 1 years pay plus one months’ pay for every year enlisted.
    • HMS Lancaster to be scrapped due to her refit being cancelled.
    • RN to be reduced by 7000
    • P2000’s gone by 2012.
    • Liverpool to be mothballed from Dec this year.
  10. Impossible that the Journos could have cocked up when printing the letter.

    After all, that totally reliable tribe NEVER make mistakes, do they? :roll:
  11. ...Naval Spokesman = Fresh Water Tanky
  12. It's obviously a cunning plan to divert attention elsewhere. The person what wrote it is obviously an ace spellist and has an immaculate grandma, so the hierarchy will obviously think it must be someone else.

    Fiendish, eh?
  13. Couldn't they make it Manchester instead - I bloody hate Manchester (United and City)!
  14. That's bollox, the P2000's won't go because the use of them in the total hull numbers make the fleet a better size, statistically at least.

    No redundancies, everyone gets rebadged as a pongo.

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