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Discussion in 'RFA' started by comms monkey, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. does anyone know how you are ment to get new uniform if when it arrives it is to big / small or is not fit for perpus.
  2. Please tell me that you are not really a comms rating. If you are how did you pass the English element of the course?
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  3. It's meant to arrive in Autumn....meant to be.
    But I won't know, I've already got mine aaaaaand you won't like it (assuming you like to keep the colour and keep it ironed looking neat and tidy)!
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  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It was meant to arrive last year. Not in any rush to get mine, nor are many of the lads.
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  5. I'm with you ex Jenny,

    I may only be a Comms Apprentice with a whole 12 months experience, but I don't want to be confused with the RN types. In any case our current kit is fit for purpose and there is plenty of it with the RN getting rid of it. I did see an XO wear the new kit on Fort Rosalie for a day or two back in Jan. He is, like me, a cuddly bundle and it didn't look right.

    Hopefully for Slim I have restored your faith in Comms by the correct use and spelling of the English Language.
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  6. That shouldn't be possible, with 'Royal Fleet Auxiliary' written on the right of your chest and the blue ensign on the sleeve (and a baseball cap when you're walking around an RN school/base).

    But on the other hand, I too would prefer the old uniform.
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  7. Anyone got photo of the new uniforms?

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  9. Ta so is it just for outdoor work? Also are we keeping these?

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  10. You won't be wearing that....unless you're taking part in something ceremonial (I'll be borrowing a suit for my wedding next year, save on the costs of getting myself a good suit) and you won't be wearing the beret either....because the union says so.. It's for outdoor and indoor. It's what you're expected to wear all the time.
  11. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's just so practical for life on deck...
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  12. I know it's just for parades just thought maybe they were changing all the uniforms we are given......
  13. Just the #4's/PCS.
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  14. These currently a thing going through FOST at the moment regards the RNPCS, if you're a skinny bugger like me, you have to also go for the smallest size in height at a 160/ 88 as the smallest chest the 170 does is a 96. The problem is an 88 is too big for me to start with, but the 160 means the jacket won't stay tucked into my trousers. The t-shirt looses it's shape after a couple of washes, the trousers shrink along with the sleeves of the jacket, the colour runs faster than Husain Bolt at 30c in the wash, and when you iron it, the pen pockets leave a nice shiny edge on the outer map pockets they're inside of.

    Of note, the RN is now sloly starting to issue ratings with a 3rd shirt, so I assume the RFA will get the same (this being due to some ships commanding officers insisting their ships company wear the jacket all day every day and not letting them take the jackets off and wear just the t-shirts as allowed in BR3 as it's at the CO's discretion). Also, our lot are also re-evaluating the pros of issuing sweat wicking t-shirts, no they may not be fire retardant, but too many people are apparently going down with heat stress in the UK let alone more tropical climates, this again is recognised by FOST in that we are not wearing the jacket how it was designed to be worn- untucked to allow movement of air.

    The problem is for all the drips I hear about the unew uniform, no one ever hands in an official complaint chit to me to help improve it!
  15. Let's hope the sweat helps while being caught on fire
  16. I assume the PCS can be exchanged at any naval stores like the rest of your kit (my tropicals actually fit my girlfriend who is a head shorter than me and has about a size 8 so they will definitely be getting swopped over...).
    I'm a fan of the new PCS to be honest and I feel a lot more secure in it than in No. 4s (wore then with the MVS for a bit), it is a bit tragic that they pretty rapidly turn grey though. They also REALLY shouldn't be tumble dried....
    Commodore RFA was wearing his RFA branded PCS on a visit to BRNC and I have to say it looks pretty good. I'm still waiting for the RFA flash and patch to replace the white ensign for mine. I suspect I shall be waiting for some time....

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  17. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I just want a couple of sets of ovies for the working day, as they're far more practical and I wouldn't have to pack and travel on a limited baggage allowance with load of gear I'd rarely wear.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I suppose the onesie takes up a lot of room :p
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  19. I do hope so....I'd assume so even. The laundryman has turned my trousers into shorts. And yes, they do go grey very quickly...mine are 8 months old and look 8 years old.
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  20. Out of interest, when did you receive your RFA insignia? Did the PCS come with it already?

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