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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NavyLookout, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. We have recently launched a website dedicated to fighting the decline in the Royal Navy caused by chronic government under-funding.

    The site will feature regular articles about the state of the RN, free from government or political spin, available online and in language that the layman can understand.

    Our primarly aim is raise public awareness and help put pressure on the government to properly resource the RN. To provide a major increase in funding to redress decades of cuts and neglect.

    So have a visit the site and leave your comments on the articles. We are aiming to launch a forum soon.

    Thanks for your support.
  2. Excellent site. Highly commended.
  3. Oh dear - I already feel uncomfortable about this. Hard to put my finger on but I suspect this is going to be a site that attempts to find fault with everything in the pretence that it is fighting for a better Navy. I stand to be corrected and time will show whether or not this is true.

    'Life without Limits' surely means the world is your lobster, my son.
    As for the ET and the onboard server - switching it on and off is what techies do sometimes! Never mind the scene where he's checking over a board... I don't recognise the limited leave and limited promotion (only true in SOME branches) comments.

    I would be interested to know who has developed and is running the site; the 'we' referred to in About Us. (Please, 'we', proofread and use a spell checker before uploading).

    Enough. No doubt that there will be much comment. It is for others to decide on the viability of this site.
  4. Yeah this website seems like a joke just poking at everything.
  5. Im also unsure as to how much truth is in this website as it states that the last of the the chilian 23 has left. but as of 2 weeks ago there was still at least 2 of them sat in pompey dockyard.
  6. sorry to keep posting but i keep finding more garbage

    To be named HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, the choice of names is potentially problematic. Apart from being long and unwieldy mouthfulls, In a couple of decades time, given today's hostile media, who knows how the royal family will be perceived by the public? Do we want the ships so closely linked to an institution who's long-term future is so uncertain. Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales is not a particularly popular figure and the QE2 is also a name more closely associated with a luxury cruise liner in the public mind. Why not chose simple, punchy and uncontroversial names such as HMS Lion & HMS Tiger?

    How do those names make them any more tied to the royal family than them being named

    Her/his majestys ship.

    Like i said just taking a pop at everything.
  7. I'm not sure I get your point. The ships have already been named as HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, for good or for bad. I agree more warfightery names would have been more awe-inspiring (a la HMS Vindictive, HMS Armageddon, HMS Tiger, HMS Indefatigable, HMS Courageous, etc), but they are capitol ships named in honour of the C-in-C and the future C-in-C (and Prince of Wales is a historical name as well).
  8. Oslo, sorry she is not named after Queen Elizabeth II, but Queen Elizabeth I, that Tudor one!

    Prince of Wales is a title not purely used in relation to Prince Charles.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Surely ship names today would have to be reasonably bland, nothing aggressive, triumphalist, or reminiscent of our unfortunate past in which we mistakenly thrashed the Spanish, French, Germans, Italians etc .. our loyal allies and partners now.
  10. HMS Chav then? :thumright:
  11. Are we not the ROYAL Navy? Why would anyone disagree with such a choice of names? It's perfectly logical.

    And the new carryer isn't known as the QE or QE2 or whatever. It's the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The Public aren't stupid enough to mix the two up.

    And since when was the long term future of the royal uncertain? As I understand it, HMTQ being head of state and all would be the only one able to get rid of the monarcy. Don't tell me this site is advocating another 17th C. civil war!
  12. A Save the Navy website is no bad thing.

    The main point is to make sure that the quality of the content is high, to ensure that it becomes respected and authoritative; not a place for people with axes to grind. If that happens it will lose credibility very fast and won't do the RN any favours.

    Incidentally I was a little confused when the site referred to the threat from 'rouge states'. Wondered whether it was a picturesque way of referring to a revitalised Russia. Then realised they had misspelled rogue.
  13. Either the web site is down or its blocked - cant get to it.....
  14. Eveyone you have to get the speech around to save the navy so spread it about and write to the press. Because the more people the more better so get doing it.
  15. In English please
  16. Oh so Chicogiz wrote the website!
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I can understand your reservations & the intentions of this site seem well meant, hopefully toward the Royal Navy & Royal Marines. My only reservation is that there's already the tri-service The UK National Defence Association, The The British Armed Forces Federation not to mention other lobby groups.

    Perhaps, today's Royal Navy, at only 5% of it's peak WWII level of manning, despite the increase of UK population, may be better off joining the "purple" to achieve anything initially.
  18. My point being they are already named as royal ships. As every ship/submarine in the RN is.
  19. Danny - if you haven't already may I suggest that you read up about the devasting loss of the Repulse and the PoW in the Far East in 1941. It was considered quite huge at the time, a bad blow to British moral. I think the PoW is a fine tribute name.

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